WWII Pacific War Combat Footage IN COLOR HD 1080p


19 thoughts on “WWII Pacific War Combat Footage IN COLOR HD 1080p

  1. Drew McCabe says:

    Ahh. Back when the United States were fighting for a common goal and the nation was united.
    Now in 2020? American's hate each other. Domestic terrorism is now the norm in America. Our last president (Trump) was a authoritarian piece of shit who divided us ….. mabes we need another WW2? Seems to me "WAR" is the ONLY thing that unites a nation (Think about it. Iraq war. Persian Gulf War. Korean War. WW1 and WW2. Beginning of the Vietnam war)

  2. Trent Bradley says:

    Why do people dislike good videos like this? Really don’t get it. If you disliked this vid please tell me why

  3. Tural Hasanov says:

    Sorry for the guy on bridge! War is hell indeed!

  4. Girls: “I can’t wait to go to Japan it looks so amazing!”

  5. Japan is a war criminal state and they do not reflect on their aggression and even try to hide it.Without the great victory of the United States, Japan would have dominated the Pacific.It's a terrible thing.

  6. Oscar Salem says:

    So we're just gonna ignore the fact that this guy 100% put in fake gun sound effects to real war footage. 2:55

  7. Michel Hugoud says:

    Enfer sur cette île

  8. Parklawnz says:

    Yo, can I get any footage that doesn’t jump cut to completely different film every 3 seconds? I don’t care if it is boring I just want to see something play out uninterrupted.

  9. Deansthetics says:

    Can I use this footage? ill credit you

  10. Cameron Macleod says:

    had greats thats fought in this war that survived. the hell they endured leaves me speachless

  11. Flabby Wall1 says:

    Footage like this is hard to freaking find. Without commentary & stuff.

  12. Guitar Player says:

    when men were men instead of the selfie taking manbun wearing metro douchebags we have now, if another war breaks out we will have to send the women.

  13. Aaron Lambrecht says:

    this is mostly training footage, not combat…

  14. Lil' Toaster says:

    Some of these are videos from Peleliu and Okinawa so you aren't far off.

  15. Pachanka Channel says:

    just like cod world at war

  16. Rocky Dang says:

    heart pounding video –

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