WWII Iwo Jima Rare Combat Footage IN COLOR


39 thoughts on “WWII Iwo Jima Rare Combat Footage IN COLOR

  1. Charles Sebouré says:

    All of this… and still Joe biden will become next president.
    Time to welcome the new elite and give away our guns and food.

  2. KriegsMarine says:

    The greatest mistake of our grandfather's was to keep this horror a secret. If we asked our young people now to do this, we would lose. Thank you Grandpa, for doing what our country asked of you!!

  3. unosquash says:

    Can anyone not realize that is a real movie, this just edited it. He just made it low resolution and put some static and said, this is rare Iwo Jima footage. :-/

  4. Tommy Vong says:

    These men went through hell jesus can you imagine what this would be like

  5. Force Ten says:

    I wonder how many ghost are roaming that awful island,i live near Antietam battlefield and ghost are all over that place.

  6. I'm here today because my Grandaddy Rexroad fought here as a Marine, and made it back to the USA afterward and made my Mom, who made me in 1972. I made my son in 2006, and the history of my family and the USA will never be forgotten…. And I can never forget my Grandaddy Marshall who was a Navy veteran who was at Pearl Harbor only 3 days after the Japanese attacked…. God Bless the greatest generation. I'm so privileged to hear their stories first hand. God Bless the USA!!!!!! And MOST of all God Bless those who lost their lives for this nation. Their sacrifices are immortal, and are of the utmost importance to our freedom. MY Grandaddy Rexroad was never the same because of his experience on IWO JIMA, but he made sure to convey the horrific experiences to his young grandson (me). PTSD is real and lives through family experiences for generations afterward……. War is HELL, and I only know that through both of my Grandfathers' personal stories. Never forget that….. God Bless!

  7. Prezzie Lopresti says:

    My gpa was a marine in Iwo Jima got shot in the back and lived to an old age

  8. Mark Newman says:

    Nothing but true Gallantry! I shed a tear for all. But I also shed a tear for pride in our fighting men and women from all wars. God Bless America 🇺🇸. Mark and Angela 💝.

  9. toktor ucok says:

    bukan anak" yg lihat flim ini lihat la usia ny kenapa d larang

  10. Brandon Ray says:

    Thank God for this men!!! Brave has more than one meaning! This is a special kinda brave to fight and keep fighting after seeing so many pass away! Just can’t say thank you enough Marines

  11. Assassin 4056 says:

    Can you actually believe people out there don’t respect these soldiers how idiotic most would never have the balls to do what these hero’s did on that battlefield

  12. The Greatest Generation is an understatement! What brave men can do in the face of death.

  13. A Hagelin says:

    Was the audio dubbed into this or is it real sound? RIP all brave souls

  14. skatterbrain says:

    THESE MEN …… Americans , Just as any Man that fights or has fought in a war may not think of themselves as Heros But every single man , EVERY SINGLE MAN that fights for the right of freedom here in the United States or around the world that holds the same ideals as Americans Are Heros not just so that Americans can live a Better life and to be free but so may those whom choose to live a better life may as well . The men that server , the Men that Die or have died no matter whom he is – is a Hero.

    They Sacrifice & have scracfied so much for All of Us , these men will Never consider themselves a Hero because a Hero is something we create. Because these Men just do what's needed or needs to be done then do it no questions asked but these Men who fight do so Not Just to give us & our children a better way of life or for our country the United States Of America but also the Men beside them there brother so that they may have the change to come home to be with there Family's whom also just like the men who serve also Sacrifice so much.

    So if you see a VET , walk up to them ,shake there hand then Thank them for there service to our beautiful country. that man did his job to protect you & our country

    You , Like I should be 110% proud to be American . When you look at the American Flag. All 50 Stars in front of a curtain of blue , the 13 Strips of Red & white to make up the flag that of which is the Red , White & Blue "The Star Spangled Banner" you should feel Pride , Honor & Respect for all of the Men that have Died & served along side those of whom have died because those men Died & those men served "FOR YOU" in the name of the Red, White & Blue


  15. Dr. Spectre says:

    Jesus! Our boys were so brave! God bless the Golden Generation!

  16. I found it very insightful! I'm a NYC-based filmmaker, interested in WW2 and lI'd love to connect with fellow filmmakers/film enthusiasts! 🙂

  17. KleverStudios says:

    My Great grandfather was part of the second wave that hit Iwo Jima, i wonder if he’s present for any of this footage.

  18. Lohn Jennon says:

    One time I met a guy who was a B.A.R gunner on Iwo. Dude was a really nice guy, but I can't imagine the hell he went through when he was a young man serving in such a brutal combat theater.

  19. My favourate battles during ww2 for history
    Iwo Jima
    Omaha beach
    They are my most interested wars for history and for impressions. Respect to all the men who fought during ww2 to give us the life we have today

  20. Funny Kenny says:

    My Great Grandpa storm the beaches of iwo Jima he survive and to this dayHe is still alive

  21. I work at subway and I had a ww2 veteran walk in today. I’ve seen him a couple times before and I know he’s a ww2 veteran because he has a hat that says ww2 veteran but I never really asked him what theater he served in until today. He told us he served in the marines at Iwo Jima at just 17 years old. He said He was a flamethrower tasked to clear out spider wholes that the Japanese could have possibly be hiding it. He claimed he took out 25 Japanese troops with his flamethrower.

  22. Doc Holliday says:

    Here is to all of my fellow comrades who fought and lived and to those who fought and died on the island. I will die soon ( I am 92 years old) and finally so will those horrible memories and nightmares I've had for the past 75 year. Why was I chosen to live? "WAR IS WAR AND NOTHING ELSE."

  23. Daughter of spearhead 5th marine Div. Purple heart. 💜 miss you Dad. Semperfi🇺🇸.
    RIP 1987.

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