WWI – U.S. Navy In The World War, Historic HD Footage

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Rare footage of the US Navy in action during World War I with scenes of the US Navy in a convoy operation playing cat-and-mouse with attacking Nazi submarines, US Destroyer fires depth charges at a cornered enemy submarine, convoy warships deploying a massive smoke screen and more…

WWI – US Navy In World War I
The United States Navy in World War 1. Freedom of the Seas denied to American vessels by Germany forced the United States of America into World War I. The following WWI ships on convoy duty identified in this film, Clemson-class Destroyer USS Dale DD-290, Wickes-class Destroyer USS Schenck DD-159 and the Wickes-class Destroyer USS Twiggs DD-127.

00:41 The following scenes, a U-boat’s own record from a captured German film. The sinking of U.S. cargo ships. CU of German submarine deck gun and a sinking ship. The repeated sinking of American ships forces President Woodrow Wilson on April 2nd, 1917 to ask Congress to declare war against Germany.

01:49 A fleet of American war ships on way to join the British Fleet. Excellent scenes of various U.S. WWI ships underway and firing main batteries of naval guns. A 4-stack destroyer USS Dale DD-290 underway at high speed. King George of England welcomes the American fleet.

02:49 Cartoon reads – Two million men crossed safely under our Navy’s protection. How it was done. Soldiers on the deck of a troop transport ship in WWI. African-American troops dancing on deck of troop transport ship. Troop transport ships escorted by a destroyer in a convoy. The USS Schenck (DD-159), a Wickes-class, 4-stack, destroyer underway. A sailor in the Crows Nest on watch for enemy submarines. A sailor’s point of view POV onboard a US destroyer underway through heavy seas.

04:06 A US destroyer sights a Germany submarine U-Boat. The crew is called to general quarters to man the naval guns. An enemy submarine running at periscope depth. A torpedo fired from the submarine misses one of the troop transport ships. A US destroyer firing at a German submarine U-boat. German U-boat diving. A destroyer’s Y-gun throwing out depth charges. Explosion of depth charges. The USS Twiggs DD-127, a Wickes-class destroyer, laying down a smoke screen to protect the troop convoy.

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