WW2 – The Pacific War – Part 1 [Real Footage in Colour]

Part 2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8-tShnWSyY
Part 3 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOKBMdA-N-E

24 thoughts on “WW2 – The Pacific War – Part 1 [Real Footage in Colour]

  1. Edgar Padilla says:

    hioe isvan iv eo bw0ej 03pep ppp osh

  2. 갑판장과 견시병 says:

    You look so very good boy. Very very kind.

  3. HIEU MTV 1992 says:

    Hello i Việt Nam

  4. Stephen Newman says:


  5. Stephen Newman says:

    Boats were purdy damn huge back then. When u really think about ALL the materials,ammo,training,boats,tanks,Jeeps,etc…the war effort was whatever the biggest word for BIG is…THATS WHAT IT WAS!!!

  6. Vince Gedeon says:

    Those ships main guns are Insane 😮

  7. Nhung Hong says:

    I don’t really like the song

  8. Keanu Wick says:

    How do you obtain this footage, is it copyrighted?

  9. Yudha Indie says:

    Bisa ga musiknya diilangin aja

  10. Dark prince says:

    Just imagine if ww3 happening.Becoming even more deadly

  11. When your family’s life are in danger, you all men would try to save them even if it costs your life, wouldn’t you?

  12. Быть Дауном says:

    Press F to pay respect

  13. Ashok Kale says:

    Which music is this ? I love it.

  14. Anthony Costantini-Dang says:

    these men gave up there lives so we can have ours

  15. Anthony Costantini-Dang says:

    my gradfather was a doctor in the pacific 1 of the best in all of canada he mite have treated some of these men.

  16. 갑판장과 견시병 says:

    노래는 평화로워;;
    Good video but sing is a peace

  17. Amol Kadam says:

    Beautiful song and Beautiful video.

  18. Justice League says:

    All the brave and the best of their time, they could be friends, sit together side by side, drink sake and beer, instead of killing each other.

  19. Justice League says:

    Pacific means peaceful, then human brought the war there.

  20. Michael H says:

    The first part of the video is naval warfare. The US Navy declare "We are going to sail in and F#$% you up. Nothing you can do to avoid it."

    And so it began. But IJN said, "Oh yeah? Well we can very well do SOMETHING. Hint: KK"

    Crazy Mad Kudos to ALL the men who fought WW2. They were all brave bad-asses. US, Japanese, British, German, Aussie, Soviet, Polish, Bulgarian, French, Turkish, etc. etc. Brave men fought for you weaklings reading this. They fought for your future. Man up. Grow a pair.

  21. Fuu-chan Japanese barn owl says:

    I'm Japanese male.
    KAMIKAZE was keep drink to drag on before flight.
    So they don't afraid to die.

  22. Fuu-chan Japanese barn owl says:

    Where is this?

  23. kuya dado A says:

    Hi po wow nice one

  24. Adriano Mallmann says:

    Bom eu sou brasileiro fico olhando esse vídeo sei que foi no passado tudo isso que acontece por causa de um homem ambição dele fez milhões de pessoas morreram. Hoje nós temos uma guerra terrível covid 19 está matando milhões de pessoas.só Deus sabe acura pro homem é impossível mas pra Deus não.

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