"WW2 – The Lost Color Archives" DVD Original Bonus Footage

The extended “Bonus Feature” of original color film footage from the Second World War, set to music and without commentary. World War 2 as it was seen by its participants (in color), thanks to these rare and recently discovered archival films.

The footage used is of a surprisingly high quality (much of it was shot and stored away, virtually unseen for decades), and it provides a stunning look at how the war appeared to those fighting it.

In the 1980s determined researchers began scouring the world for color film shot during World War II, and the result of their quest is spectacular. Seeing the war through the ubiquitous black-and-white footage has always made the experience somewhat distant, but in clear, crisp color, the enormity of the war and its horrors is startling and dramatic. Films of Nazi rallies are all the more disturbing; a viewer seeing the scene in color realizes the massive crowds saluting Hitler are no longer gray and faceless masses, but gatherings of well- dressed civilians. Color combat footage, from across Europe and the Pacific, is frighteningly immediate, and in some of it, violence and destruction on an unimaginable scale is vividly put on display, as are smaller moments of soldiers smiling for the camera or liberated prisoners from the concentration camps staring in pained bewilderment.

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14 thoughts on “"WW2 – The Lost Color Archives" DVD Original Bonus Footage

  1. xd golden Renagade says:

    I’m mad for him to get all of the Nazi to do that to engaland

  2. Ashesh 'INFINITE' Pradhan says:

    Weird……how a simple man with a funny moustache can turn the world upside down!

  3. Plain Phoenix says:

    Most of the people on this earth are dumb sheep, always have been and always will be.
    How else can you explain the parallels between now and the past, it just keeps repeating itself.

    It's easy to see that the vast majority have to be told what to think and how to act, they are incapable of finding meaning on their own.
    It's all so pointless, so many people dead, entire 1000+ year old cultural centers bombed into oblivion, and the sheep haven't learned a damn thing.
    People rather fight over insane propositions such as the gender thing, or any other of these subversive narratives and fail to see the real danger.

    We're all being corralled like cattle again, and it's just a matter of time before the killing starts again, and for what?

  4. Yurii Nesterenko says:

    Good video. It’s like a movie

  5. Les Grossman says:

    Who lost β€˜em?

  6. johnbeechy says:

    i've seen the swimming footage before.. actually i have seen this but u dropped it mighty well.. //

  7. johnbeechy says:

    u know that to mark felton productions… we now know that all the people, including adolf himself, that had sex with adolf the austrian 1/8th hebrew by blood Killed themselves.. all suicides.. including his niece.. imagine that.. if all the persons that had sex with any 1 Man, would all kill themselves.. they came and went.. and cared not to remove the real threat.,.//
    i guess some women after being with evil.. drug addict too.. they turn on themselves as adolf did.. // all suicides.. go figure
    thanks for the upload.. i wont forget.. to insult them that ponder on following a man that would send all them aryans into a one way trip into death.. .damn fools!! God Bless and be safe during the virus.. its not a Hoax but a lot of folkkks think its all a joke by the establishment and trump never wanted the word to get out.. Word is he was told by the saudis crown prince and putin to let it go..

  8. John Gianiris says:

    That boy in the red vest acted like, "Keep this perv away from me".

  9. that in real english, "WW2 – The Lost Colour Archives"

  10. Mark Hill says:

    hitler was also a ham

  11. Ralph Branham says:

    I had three Great Uncles in the Philippines that survived the Batan Death March , one Great Uncle was Commissioned by General MacArthur and was in China telling them the weather over Japan and he Retired in 1975 as a Lt. Col. , one was killed in a crash in front of the Fort Sam Houston control tower in a B-25 , another was in General Patton's 3rd Army and was hid out from the Nazi's by a very Good German family . My Mother's father got out of the 45th on day and enlisted in the Navy and went through Pearl Harbor and the other was in the Merchant Marine in the Atlantic . I could not seem to find anyone that would admit that they were Coast Guard , lol . I joined the Air Force as Security Police in 1978 and my Brother who was dropped on his head as baby joined the the Marines so we pretty much had all of them covered .

  12. Hi I I Russian and you top

  13. Thanks for the video! RIP to ALL soldiers who have given their lives for their country.

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