WW2 Rocket Ships – Beach Landing Battering Rams

The story of Allied rocket landing ships, that decisively changed amphibious operations in the Pacific by battering Japanese beach defences to pieces. They also served in Korea and Vietnam.

Dr. Mark Felton is a well-known British historian, the author of 22 non-fiction books, including bestsellers ‘Zero Night’ and ‘Castle of the Eagles’, both currently being developed into movies in Hollywood. In addition to writing, Mark also appears regularly in television documentaries around the world, including on The History Channel, Netflix, National Geographic, Quest, American Heroes Channel and RMC Decouverte. His books have formed the background to several TV and radio documentaries. More information about Mark can be found at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Felton

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41 thoughts on “WW2 Rocket Ships – Beach Landing Battering Rams

  1. Innocent Boi says:

    but what is better a solid rocket or an artillery shell?

  2. Hans Gruber says:

    Never saw that rocket system launching, good footage Mark.

  3. Steven Elliott says:

    How could anyone dislike this video???

  4. Perktube1 says:

    Ive seen that rocket launcher before but never seen it mounted on ships before. I nicknamed it the Teddy Roosevelt rocket launcher.

  5. Sikra Sikra says:

    Yes Russia winned WWII. Even Japan wouldn't had surrender so easily ever after be Nuked by a democratic President if Russians hadn't free Manchuria. We shouldn't forget that Americans used Nukes against 2 Japanese Cities full of civiliansif course a very humanity action that Americans used abd still use as an excuse for their humanitarian wars of extermination be it direct war or financing training and arming terror groups as ISIS that Barack Obama and his administration builded so carefully.

  6. Every time the world has a problem… US Navy, 'Well, we have a solution…'.

  7. Daniel M. says:

    So, like 10 seconds of this video relating to involvement in Vietnam.

  8. GreatWhite says:

    In my home town they had one of these turrets on display but the name plate was always blank so I never knew what it was until now.

  9. Everyone one always harps on the German “technological superiority” because they had “big tonk” and “jet fighters” even though the Americans literally had remote controlled missile launchers

  10. Kentish Rebel says:

    Wonderful film, I've always been impressed by the footage of these rocket firing vessels, so cool, thanks for another great film. They are always a great watch. Thank you.

  11. Flak Jack Ed says:

    Excellent vessels to launch fireworks! 💥

  12. Lawschoolsuccess says:

    The US Navy needs to watch this and build fast missile ships with 300-600 missiles and have two deploy with each carrier group at sea. It would be easy to allow the missiles to be launched by the ship or by aircraft, subs or other ships in the group. It would double or quadruple the fire power of each task force. It would also cause serious headaches for the Chinese Communists in being able to take out a task force with an overwhelming barrage. Now it is easy because a task force only carries about 600 total missiles.

  13. Aaron Coolidge-Beard says:

    Hey american we need a ship that fires lots of rockets…..
    U.S.A: hold my moonshine

  14. Malcolm Haldin says:

    Excellent video thanks

  15. madmike19682003 says:

    Yogi Berra was a crewman on one in WW2.

  16. Ali Bahaloo says:

    So educative. Thanks a lot. Keep making these videos.

  17. Rubby Bobinson says:

    Years ago I was buying a small truck and the salesman had a picture of one of the US rocket ships on his wall. He had served on it. I acknowledged it as being a “cool photo” and he said “I bet you don’t know what that is.” I had been fascinated by amphibious landings since I was a kid so knew a little bit; however, I said I didn’t because I wasn’t up on all the specific rocket variants landing ships the US developed. “….but maybe a landing ship rocket?” I asked (just replacing tank with rocket). He was was shocked someone of my age even came close to knowing what is was. Great episode Mark.

  18. Why wouldn’t they weld the launchers pointing outboard that swivels?

  19. cyberpimp29 says:

    Unfortunately, the shelling did little and the B-17 bombers did even less…

  20. Fascinating! Had no idea these ships existed, let alone that high tech turret. Thank you

  21. Edson Kidwell says:

    Congratulations on reaching the million sub tier you put out great interesting content

  22. Herbert Erdferkel says:

    A word about their vulnerability and axis attempts to engage them in particular would have been interesting. Looks like a fairly easy target for airplanes with all the exposed ammunition on deck. Also seems they needed to get closer then the usual supporting ship and therefor would get into range of more landbased artillery and such. … So were there no particular noteworthy losses? Or did that simply not register thanks to the small builds and crews involved?

  23. Mike Longwill says:

    Another fin war ‘?Grab’ aka highlights and well narrated as per usual.
    Well done Mark Felton.

  24. racspartan1 says:

    This is an Awesome weapon.

  25. Jon Banning says:

    Still can’t help getting the feeling that these rocket barrages were generally pretty ineffective. Looks like you could see them coming.

  26. TheLocalLt says:

    Believe it or not Yogi Berra served on one of these ships during d-day

  27. Bakaroo 1976 says:

    please dont mistake effectivness for efficency

  28. caudelguille says:

    During landing operations, were they used smoke screen shells of any kind? were or would they be somehow effective?

  29. And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air.

  30. DerpyTurtle0762 says:

    War Thunder LVT fans: "Slap that launcher on muh landing craft!"

  31. DerpyTurtle0762 says:

    Hedgehog 2; Explosive Boogaloo

  32. Ishaan's Square says:

    Mark you get all the footages of ww2 but no one other gets the films and footages not even history channel on tv has these fottages.
    Hat's off ‐


  33. Ishaan's Square says:

    Mark your channel is the best ,it tells us the history of the ww2 .If I am given 1 hr to do anything ,I would choose to watch your channel.


  34. Russell Reilly says:

    Who else thought it would be a landing craft with rockets mounted on the back for extra speed so it could get to the beach really bloody fast?……And then hit the beach at ludicrous speed and send the soldiers flying out haha

  35. robin Braznell says:

    It will be 2 million in just a few months

  36. Henry Rodgers says:

    Can you imagine having that many rockets flying over your head, practically flattening a road for you? It'd be like requesting a machine gun team and getting an entire convoy of quad-50 AA halftracks as backup.

  37. Frank Maringola says:

    Excellent as always. Thank you.

  38. El Kabong says:

    I went from knowing nothing about these rocket landing craft to, well, knowing what Mark has bestowed upon us in this fascinating video. Thanks!

  39. Tommy Sands says:

    excellent video mark. you should do one on that device that the navy had to send pictures back to America with a radio signal. thats how the newspapers got the picture of the flag raising at iwo jima. saw a B&W video on it years ago but never found it again. you would take the photo and attach it to this device that would spin it around some how generating a signal that could be decoded into a image and then printed.

  40. Clyde Blair says:

    Horrifically efficient, just sayin'

  41. Lance Uppercut says:

    Ross Kemp with hair

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