WW2 Heavy Battleships – USS New Jersey

This short film shows the crew performing general operations and training aboard ship.

33 thoughts on “WW2 Heavy Battleships – USS New Jersey

  1. Amir Hossain says:

    It is a monster

  2. Firefly855 says:

    Interesting but I don't understand why this is titled WWII when it's the Korean War.

  3. Miguel López says:

    Nasty like x wife

  4. Grant DeAngelis says:

    They don’t know how fucked the world is after ww2

  5. Teddy SEERY Jr. says:

    How do you shoot them?

  6. José Ramón Sosa D. says:

    Uplifting and empowering prayers that sailors heard in the ships;may the ALMIGHTY BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA for ever !!!

  7. Anders Bakmand says:

    I never understood why you would put all your eggs into the same basket… Why not make 3 ships with 1 battery instead?
    3 faster ships could easily outperform a battleship in a scenario like HMS Hood vs Bismarck

  8. USS Missouri BB-63 says:

    Fuck it’s my sister

  9. Paul Johnson says:

    This is how we dealt with commies in WWII….in 2020 they run for president.

  10. snakes3425 says:

    I still say Battleships have a place, in a carrier battle group, they provided additional AA protection and also their large guns can defend the carrier from surface attacks since a carrier is vulnerable without it's airwing

  11. AmPatriot Smith says:

    This is not World War II, it's the Korean War.

  12. So many bald eagles in one place

  13. Gemweil Rubi says:

    How satisfying it to see that the big guns fire on full broadside

  14. W. Herschell Jamison II says:

    As a Vietnam veteran who sat one night under the wonderful protection of the mighty NEW JERSEY, I heard the sound of the shells above us. "Think of a Volkswagen going over." my friend said. I will always love and remember how good it felt to know she was there. God Bless THE USS NEW JERSEY.

  15. Реальное Такси 59rus says:

    хуясе дудки

  16. james avila mangente says:

    nobody wins in war,truly indeed,having a peaceful world is the best ever!!

  17. piedmutant says:

    But great documentary

  18. Jorge Eduardo Blanco says:

    Excelente material mostrando la vida y la labor que desarrollaban los marines..dentro de un barco de guerra….me gusto mucho.

  19. the PiKER says:

    killer zionists – killer usa of world.

  20. eatem nsmile says:

    Yeah I got bored fast

  21. Có Không says:

    Oh God, tôi thích họ cầu nguyện

  22. Norman Alvarez says:

    Beautiful ships

  23. Виталий Доброжанский says:

    Красиво работают.

  24. moseswickson chindada says:

    Needed about German navy also .Not only allied but also about axis

  25. russ117044 says:

    Hearkens back to a better time. Life was more "simple" People were "better" If I had a chance to time travel to the past or the future, I'd take the past. At least you knew it would be there…

  26. Nathaniel Lionheart says:

    Communists were storming across the border and butchering people and leaving the orphaned children to die. We tried to intervene. I am not implying that this war was not economic. I am saying that this nation had some moral balls back then too. Read up on how many children we rescued from death in that awful war. Now we murder and abort children. America once held great respect even amongst her enemies. We would often feed and care for even the children and widows of our enemies. This was no utopia back then, but at least we cared.

  27. Tony Trotta says:

    The majority of the Pacific Island bombarding was done by the older battleships and cruisers for the newer battleships were used to screen the aircraft carriers. My dad who is 92 years old was on the USS Louisville CA 28 and here is a list of some of her bombardments along with the older battleships:
    USS LOUISVILLE CA- 28 Heavy Cruiser
    1 – Extensive shelling Island of Wotje in Marshalls.
    2 – Bombardment Roi & Namur Islands.
    3 – Led gunfire support Eniwetok Island.
    4 – Bombarded Palaus Island.
    5 – Bombarded Truk & Sawatan.
    6 – 11 days of continued fire support Siapan.
    7 – Bombarded Tinian & Guam.
    8 – Enter Leyte Gulf – support major allied invasion force & shelled shore
    installations for 7 straight days.
    9 – Battle of Surigao Strait – Flagship for Rear Admiral Jesse Oldendorf.
    10 – Support landings at Lingayen Gulf. Hit by (2) kamikaze & killed
    Rear Admiral Theodore Chandler & many sailors.
    11 – Fire support for Okinawa. Hit by another Kamikaze.
    12 – Delivered Bull Halsey’s officers & staff – (150) to USS Missouri.
    13 – Continued fire support duties.
    14 – War ends.
    15 – Escorted surrendered Japanese ships from Tsingato, China to Jinsen, Korea.

  28. Massimo O'Kissed says:

    "This is all well n good, highly equipped ship n all, but I've been here two weeks already and I still haven't found the bar!"

  29. Moa Vailea says:

    How awesome to hear them pray at the day's end, putting their faith and trust in God's hand..This is a great documentary film and is truly what America is always about.. Great nation under God. But in today's society it seems like the opposite, no one prays or ever care about serving God anymore.. I just hope that there's still time left to change things around and go back to what they were like in this film.. America will be America again..

  30. Howard Sherman says:

    This is the best USS New Jersey documentary I ever saw.

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