WW2 Bombardment & Landings, Okinawa, 04/01/1945 (full)

Freely downloadable at the Internet Archive, where I first uploaded it. Naval Photographic Center film #7515. National Archives description: “1) LS-MS Pan Shoreline of Okinawa, LVTs & landing boats underway FG.2) GV-Pan Invasion force off Okinawa including New Mexico Class BB, Northhampton class CA, LCIs, LSTs, & auxiliary ships.3) MS Dukw underway loaded with personnel.4) MS LVT underway, New Mexico class BB BG.5) MS-CU LSM(R) underway firing rocket barrage-SV.6) MS LCI(R) underway firing rockets.7) MS Fletcher class DD underway firing main batteries.QUALITY: GOOD” National Archives Identifier: 78114