WW2 Air Combat Gun Camera footage – Color Footage Included

Hey guys, I been collecting this footage for a while, This just gives me the Nostalgia watching old WW2 air combat videos and than going back to playing War Thunder. I was going to make a compilation earlier but I been a bit busy lately, I have the f8f 1 video coming up tomorrow to upload.

18 thoughts on “WW2 Air Combat Gun Camera footage – Color Footage Included

  1. Chris Espinosa says:

    In the first clip, doesn't landing gear down mean they're RTB and it was a general rule now to shoot them down?

  2. VikingLias Mjolnir says:

    I'm suprised nobody raged in the chat lol

  3. The headon with the b17 straight to the cockpit… OOF!

  4. Timothée Toury says:

    What i noticed from other footages and this one, in war thunder or in reality there are pilots that keep shooting on aircraft that are in flames and are obviously going down, bro he's already done ! Makes me remember a game where i shot an i 16 that i was engaging with a hurricane, he tried to climb and during his stall my shots destabilized him he lost control and fell like a rock from 1km alt, he was obviously going to crash but 4 ALLIES TRIED TO SHOOT HIM DURING HIS FALL AND MISS ALL THEIR SHOTS thanksfully for me, it would have make me a little mad that one of them steal my kill that was obviously already dead

  5. Jackedrado says:

    Is that a gunner flying by at 7:00 that got shot out of the b-17?

  6. SmokeyPillow says:

    so many repeated clips i thought i was watching a gif

  7. Peter Ecos says:

    Hummmmm….that's my bomber getting torn to pieces in War Thunder

  8. 5:42 This is a B-17 drone that was destroyed in the test of a Nike ground-to-air missile in 1954.
    As for the rest: I found the repeats and re-repeats of the same scenes tiresome and dishonest.Thumbs down for you and I won't be watching anything else that you post.

  9. Linda McEntaffer says:

    By the looks of this video, the Allies lost the war….

  10. Paul Presto says:

    some great footage never seen before-but there were a few repeats repeats repeats

  11. Me Ballerman says:

    Repeating the same clips 4-5 times?

  12. SUPER SLAWA says:

    Отличное качество!!!! Практически HD для съемок ккинопулеметов тех лет!!!! Автору респект!!!! Моменты с Харикейнами просто уникальны!!!

  13. Cole Janton says:

    2:53 Holy shit that rail car went up good.

  14. michael david says:

    This could have been one of the best gun cam videos, but too many repeat clips, some shown 2 and 3 times. If this had been edited better it could have been excellent.

  15. I wonder if we took an average of hundreds of War Thunder simulator air kills and compared them to this, would they look similar? As in, the angles, the deflection shooting, the maneuvering, the damage dealt per hit, etc… I wonder how closely War Thunder emulates real-life WW2 air combat?

  16. george's cousin says:

    Nice video, watching these makes me think how the war can be so beutiful and so sad and ugly at the same time


    Wheres their chat system?!

    Jokes aside. Amazing footage and brave airmen from all sides. Thanks for the video!

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