WW II Battle of the Philippine Sea in Color

WW II Battle of the Philippine Sea in Color
The largest carrier battle in history.

28 thoughts on “WW II Battle of the Philippine Sea in Color

  1. Carl Sailor says:

    The largest carrier battle in history.

    …out of exactly seven.

  2. Victor Cumbersome says:

    My great grandfather was there. He was on the battleship shooting the two huge main guns on the ship

  3. Mr.M1Garand 25 says:

    What is this from?

  4. Japanese pilots drunk a lot of Sake, that's why….

  5. Shipa ship says:

    Don t kill Filipino IM filipino

  6. Fahmi Mike says:

    a small country able to do to this extent…can u imagine if this country equal on everything?half the world will be conquered by this small country called JAPAN.

  7. Dangerboy 3624 says:

    The thing that makes me uncomfortable here is that these all aren't cgi. Every single gun shot and explosion is all real and every person who fell or went up in flames we're real people who probably lost their lives in front of our eyes. Makes me feel glad as well that we are far behind those days now.

  8. boi go to detroit says:

    My grandpa was a b29 superfortress back gunner he destroyed 46 zeros 3 vals 57 kates

  9. South East Saranta Mapping says:

    Americans Want To Capture The Philippine Pres.Emilio Aguinaldo And be There Territory

  10. Ralph Lawrence Mananquil says:

    I am a Filipino, and the confusing question is, why philippines never made battleships, they only made destroyers or battlecruisers

  11. TheGrayRat2020 says:

    I'm philippines but i know U.s battleship

  12. JFF Blacklist says:

    Battle of the Philippine sea WWII coming 2022

  13. KKK Countryhuman says:

    What if Philippines Bring Battleships*Like…

    BRP Jose Rizal,Raja Humabon.

  14. Mitchell John Leslie says:

    πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ VS πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

  15. Supernatural says:

    Trying to put this simply, why kamikaze when it simply took away their pilots and experience you'd get to fight another day just because you were out of bombs? Or was it planes that WERE already going to crash that did it?

  16. Peter Rodriguez says:

    Can you imagine trying to land one of those things in an aircraft carrier. Wow.

  17. I love the size of the P-51's The propela is huge. The last plane to crash land still had a bomb on board. I hope it didn't go off. That would suck not being able to see your ship.

  18. Markuss Gaming Gonzaga says:

    U.S. Army, Marines, Air Force and Navy.

  19. Those who dislike the video must be some dull japanese patriots or anime addicts

  20. Todoroki 01 says:

    0:40 is that thermite ? I’m no expert so correct me if I’m wrong but it sure does look like it.

  21. Sam Arcade says:

    i remember my grandma told me that she was 4 years old when the japanese invaded, they hide in a well, she can see the bombers flying over, and she told me that her mother is so brave that she jump over to the river to escape the japanese soldier trying to kill her

  22. Darth Vader says:

    I'm a Filipino and I'm glad that he Imperial Japanese died out.

  23. The new Azur lane updates looks realistic

  24. She sunk my Waifu… Wait…

  25. Dean Lates says:

    Americans kicked ass that day

  26. JFF Blacklist says:

    Battle of the Philippine sea WWII coming 2022

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