Wreckage of WWII aircraft carrier USS Hornet discovered in expedition

Only on “CBS This Morning,” we traveled with researchers on an extraordinary mission to find a piece of American military history: the USS Hornet. The Japanese sank the aircraft carrier in 1942. Mark Phillips reports.

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49 thoughts on “Wreckage of WWII aircraft carrier USS Hornet discovered in expedition

  1. Eric Lakota says:

    Seing that navy gunners face is awsome you know that was amazing for him

  2. Pierre Antione Rogers Sr. says:

    For this cause the MOST HIGH gave them up to vile affections. And even as they did like to retain the MOST HIGH in their knowledge. The MOST HIGH gave them up to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient.

  3. schallrd1 says:

    Davy Jones locker has $40.

  4. I Love Richard still remembered that he lost $40 in his locker (about $729.00 today). 18 yrs old & a Gunner. Seeing his post again 77 years later. Fantastic. Still a Gentleman at 95. God Bless the Indiapolis & all veterans everywhere.

  5. buckhuntergary1 says:

    That's back when men had testosterone, I'm going to go get a soy latte now.

  6. Bill Ludolph says:

    While I was a sailor stationed onboard the USS Nimitz CVN-68 and doing an " abandon shipdrill" I ask my LPO how many miles would a man have to swim away from a aircraft carrier to get away from the under tow the ship going down. Afterwards we had no more drills. It would be overa half a mile

  7. blacklisterd says:

    I’d watch this. But I can’t watch fake news channels. Losers.

  8. General Hawk505 says:

    One of my great grandfathers died on her……………….

  9. John Ware says:

    And with what the democrats are doing to this nation the men that died on this ship and the battles of WWII all died in vain.

  10. thatNnoob says:

    USS Hornet is in perfect condition! Did you see those guns???


    No words can say enough for what that generation did back then. So many lives were taken in that conflict. U.S. military 407,000 !! Russia military 8.6 MILLION !!!! PLUS Civilian lives approx. 12 million people !!! Try and comprehend that !!

  12. RIOT-GAMEZ says:

    One of my great grandparents friends worked on the hornet he died in battle. his lasts words were “Mate, is that a bomb!”

  13. Justin Smith says:

    Can only imagine how many bodys are inside that thing

  14. Captain Awesome says:


  15. Mike Hartsook says:


  16. William Gunnarsson says:

    A friend of mine's cousin flew off the Hornet. He said when he came back from his last mission, he saw how the Hornet was listing and new he couldn't land on her. He flew over to the Enterprise and landed there. He regrets feeling bad about all the stuff in his locker he was losing, instead of how many of his crew were already dead. He said his first thought was, " there goes all my things ", but soon became ashamed of himself realizing how many had lost their lives. WRG.

  17. Hes the one that should be honored! God bless that sailor! And all the men in that hellacious war!

  18. John Ellis says:

    God bless that sailor it's an honor just to be on the same Planet as him

  19. Glass risen to the 140 men she took with her to keep watch about her decks. Fair winds and following seas our brothers…….

  20. U.S. Militia says:

    They saw an 8 so how do they know it’s the CV-8?

  21. John Brown says:

    Poor guy. $40 in 1942 is the equivalent of $616 in today’s money

  22. Wayne Lucier says:

    I see u tube is taking data time away from people before they even choose a video no wonder you are out of data so quickly this is wrong I am the one to choose if I want to watch

  23. David Zamora says:

    That is so kool. Thank you for the info.

  24. Mike Saul says:

    a very sad end for the hornet

  25. Robert Gautreau says:

    They didn't mention it but the Hornet was the last carrier sunk by the Japanese, also everything on that ship still belongs to the United states Navy. So savage is a solid no

  26. onlythewise1 says:

    go find my dads ship in qudacanal , the Northampton

  27. Micke Mike says:

    -"If you go down to my locker, there's 40 bucks in it. You can have it!" 🙂
    Funny guy!

  28. Paul Morissette says:

    Maybe they should look for something challenging? Like MH370?

  29. Ultimate Funmade!!! says:

    We have no idea what creatures are down there😬

  30. Finbar Henneberry says:

    rip uss hornet

  31. Bob ap Bob says:

    Is this what was called "Iron Bottom Sound"?

  32. uss enterprise says:

    My friend im sad because of you you got shot by an torpedoes i miss you uss hornet 😭😭😭😭😢😢😢 you're sunk already now at least i with uss iowa and uss gerald r ford

  33. Alessandro Bruni says:

    What about the USS Yorktown

  34. Thomas Renfrow says:

    Fitting name for a vessel, lol.

  35. Riley Barnes says:

    I want to go down there and find me and m1 garand

  36. Drake Myers says:

    i want all those guns on that ship to be restored

  37. Jakub Dabrowski says:

    3:08 – this gun emplacement clearly identifies the ship as Yorktown class, especially if there's two of them – lower and upper. And in the area of the Battle of Santa Cruz it must be Hornet.

  38. I know this is disturbing the 140 people graves but in the future could they possiblely raise the USS Hornet.

  39. Incredible footage. We truly have to appreciate all of the thousands of hours of working and searching by the crew, and that was emphasized when one of the crew said'' I'm tired of eating straw hats'' meaning false alarms and misfinds. So well done to all of them. That was incredible footage. And it's truly amazing for a War vet that served on her and gets to see exactly the gun he manned at the time of it's sinking.

  40. Blaze Osirus says:

    Japanese didn't sink it
    It was purposely sunken by the US as it was badly damaged and the US didn't want it captured

  41. God has come into my body, as a angelic fire body says:

    God entered into my body, like a body. my same size. holy ghost baptism. God attacks me, god rips my face, shoots into my mouth gum disease. Jesus appears and laughs. God does witchraft, devil voices

  42. Woodsy Tugboat says:

    Our bigger question should be, why was that man eating straw hats?

  43. Peter Beit says:

    Resurface these 😭I wanna touch the ship

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