World War II Navy Air Combat Cameras

A collection of film clips from the U.S. Navy includes gun camera combat footage, carrier operations, and Navy aircraft ranging from F4F Wildcats to SBD Dauntlesses, TBF Avengers, TBD Devastators and more. Some of the gun camera film magazines were loaded with 16mm Kodachrome color movie film. This historic film footage represents an era in combat aviation when fundamental airmanship and immediate situational awareness contributed to the outcome. Films like these helped confirm the rate at which American naval fighters were downing enemy aircraft, an important statistic for measuring the war’s progress in a timely manner. The footage also occasionally caught glimpses of new and unusual enemy aircraft, adding to the forensic value of the film.

The footage was all silent; music and sound effects have been added. Want it the way it was shot — silent — just hit the mute button.

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