World War II – Intense Combat Footage w/ Sound

Intense combat footage from Normandy to the Pacific.

23 thoughts on “World War II – Intense Combat Footage w/ Sound

  1. Dadashhhh says:

    That flamethrower sound will always be bone chilling

  2. Krapula Kanava says:

    this is my new favorite video

  3. and here comes ww3 but they can sort this out tbh do you think there would be a war with an ongoing virus? xD

  4. karonic ゝ says:

    I don't think this is real sound

  5. Emily Dykes says:

    All of my great grandfathers where in WW2 except 1

  6. Abinson Dixon says:

    Omg…I hope war III will not happen…😔😢😖😣😫😩🥺😭☹️🙁😕😟😞😥😰😨😱😓🤧

  7. discord servers when someone gets called unfunny:

  8. Mike Abel says:

    Such intense horror. I hope there is never a war on US ground again.

  9. Adam Swiggity Swooty _MAGA! says:

    My generation is such a cowardly generation

  10. And we thought gang violence was bad… This was a shit show of blood and fire and explosions and death and everything that’s in humane and this is why not many people believe in heaven, just hell

  11. 90% is added sound here, mostly done for documentaries.

  12. WhiteSeaLeviathan says:

    Russia won this war, the rest of u helped Russia win this war… a little.

  13. GeneralKayoss says:

    This is all dubbed.

  14. Blue Eyes Asian Dragon says:

    all this be happening everywhere else apart from the place my family was, hiding. I sometimes feel embarrassed that non of the male figures of my family at the time helped fight, but at-least they survived and helped rebuild the nation post-war.

  15. Damn if this is really bad imagine how World War 3 will be like.

  16. Some of it was dubbed in at least. On the long range shots, the sound occurred with the explosion.

  17. zircon productions says:


  18. Eduardo Garcia says:

    I am 97 years old and I was in ww2

  19. Jonathan Rodriguez says:

    I heard this plane sound at my school outside similar to the sound on 0:15 and within ten milia seconds this shit started playing my head

  20. Andrew Ray says:

    this shit is so intense this 5 minute video felt like 20

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