World War II: intense Combat footage

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29 thoughts on “World War II: intense Combat footage

  1. Frédéric Wellens says:

    Hi, nice video! How did you get all these WWII images?

  2. gwmba1989 says:

    Great video, capturing the intensity and drama of battle but at the same time, the humanity of the soldiers that fought on all sides. I am honored to be living next door to one of those participants, a still living and breathing relic of that monumental period in human history. I am a humbled man for it is men like these who are the true heroes of the 20th century, not the politicians, the actors or the so called great people of our day…

  3. Tig Trager says:

    I often find myself wondering how many soldiers, from all sides, pictured in these videos never returned to their homes because they were later killed… And how many families are there who lost loved ones that never ever got to see these videos that we watch and take for granted in present times? For those families only, it would have, if for only very briefly, brought their loved ones back to life again.

  4. My G-pa was shot in the head and survived in ww2. IDK how because he was a plane mechanic.

  5. My neighbour's G-pa was one of the crew members of the Enola Gay. Fun Fact

  6. Owais Khan says:

    I love u tu so much germany

  7. Adolf Hitler says:

    Thats sad because they are all gone now

  8. russian bot says:

    Biden is a democrat just like Hitler was:) so, to prevent this from happen again vote republican.

  9. puppet channel says:

    They still smile even they know that they will die😭😭

  10. SHRI BHAKTI says:

    This footages are better in quality than early 2000s war footages.
    It's just bcoz then they were 50-75 years ahead of time in term of technologies.

  11. Premium 344 says:

    Lets hope this never happens again

  12. Hot Potato says:

    I put the video on mute and listen to Raganzini Lorenzo – Raving in Paris (Hard bass Techno), oh and I put the war footage on 1.25 speed, guys you feel like you are in 1944 and bombing the shit out of europe AAHHHHHH IT FEELS SO GOOOOOD!!!!!

  13. The Cr0sad3r says:

    Seeing these soldiers smile is enough to make a grown man cry…

  14. Semay eyu deretey ሰማይ ኢዩ ደረተይ says:

    human was not consciousness

  15. Roberto Miguel Rodrigues Júnior says:

    90% propaganda and training videos
    10% actual war footage

  16. HalloweenBeatz says:

    BFV…….just saying

  17. Luke William says:

    I remember that war.

    *Looks off in the distance

    I was there…

  18. Mohamad Zacky Aimar says:

    "Behind every gun, there's a human being"

  19. RIP to all the soldiers on all sides.

  20. Thanks solders for all this to give up your tomorrow for are today’s this why I will go in the military 🇨🇦🇺🇸🇬🇧 I will sure as hell go to the military

  21. Donovan Morales says:

    We are really looking into the past here… it’s hard to connect through a screen but you managed to do it somehow. No matter the side no matter feelings some people were able to smile. It’s crazy to think exactly what these people went through. Rip to all those who have passed no matter the army. Pray war war 3 doesn’t happen because that means the end for us all.

  22. Chase Baluyot says:

    How you even hrecord on that

  23. Eric Loyd says:

    Comment 666… Hell yeah

  24. why did you put a watermark on this, it isn't your footage?

  25. It’s sad to think that all these people ur seeing died

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