World War 2 Combat Footage Iwo


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  1. Bill Hicks says:

    @KSmoothSaxG i agree, I like authenticity of music from that era

  2. @TheShredworthy maybe, not exactly sure. but im 15 what the hell would I know hahaha, even though i study old weapons and warfare….. im not very fluent with rockets and such. excuse me if im wrong.

  3. @TheIWSP no, a ( i spelled it wrong) hwacha is like a large box filled with 200 tubes that fire rocket propelled arrows, later after the creation of the Hwacha, a handheld version came about called the "Angry bee's Nest" or "Nest of bees" which fired 30 rocket propeled arrows.the Hwacha issimmilar to a modern day Katyusha rocket launcher except they are usually mounted on trucks and fire accual rockets

  4. PrezPendejo says:

    @silverbeast75 What? Civilians were all over the pacific islands, and suffered at the hand of both sides. in Okinawa, the Philippines, and I'd wager every other inhabited island that was fought over more civilians died than soldiers of both sides put together.

  5. silverbeast75 says:

    first of all these men enlisted to defend there country this was soldier on soldier war fare no civilians were involved except on Hiroshima and Nagasaki they went in there knowing that not many would make it back but they did it because ift was there duty as an American soldier and for you to speak so bluntly and cold well i guess you've never really fought for what you loved have you?

  6. She's A Molotov says:

    well obviously first few shots were training because there was only 1 boat on the beach haha

  7. Bill West says:

    i hope thats not a marine they left behind.. that poor guy.

  8. JAPAN 2020 says:

    I know that sucks, but the soldiers helping him can't do anything for him if they get killed.

  9. seriously though… it pisses me off how people just forget the tremendous sacrifice they made…

  10. Paulo Mota says:

    "The first casualty of war is truth"….if people are willing to kill each other for whatever reason, lieing is not a big deal to them anyway.

  11. jhon213236 says:

    the hatred cannot be stopped unless all the people speak as one

  12. DarkShogun16 says:

    and if we had not invaded you would have been easily over run.

  13. Michael Clark says:

    and canadians! we owe the communists our freedom too!
    thank god they got rid of that music. that was despicable.

  14. giovannimartinezm5 says:

    wow lmfao this was from a movie epic fail ass…
    i saw this movie yesterday epic fail and your music is bull crap the ruined it that movie was on color your added (old film) to make it look old … what a waste

  15. dude wars are not cool no matter who it is against. but wars are necassary no matter what anyone says they are. but definatly do not kick ass.

  16. ZeRoBurrito69 says:

    pantera is cool and all but it doesnt sound good on the video

  17. probably would have bin a gud vid but cudnt fiish it cuz of music soz

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