World War 2 Air War Combat Footage in Color

ATTENTION: I am sorry, but I have no ideea about who uploaded this first! So credits to whoever posted it first!

Enjoy this video 🙂

20 thoughts on “World War 2 Air War Combat Footage in Color

  1. David Marushkin says:

    Kill all Nazis

  2. Charles 1967 says:

    The ww1 soldiers ,at the beginning of the ww2, called the soldiers of ww2,,wasted generation and soft boys,,🤯🤯🤯

  3. phantomghostdiv says:

    its funny how our boys do this to fight the nazi scums and then these democrats want to bring back the nazi's and commie's

  4. Joel Soto says:

    Hope France don’t do this to America

  5. Liam Donnally says:

    86 Nazis disliked this video

  6. Alberto José Yanes Pantin says:

    Those B-17 must've had very powerful engines to carry their explosive payload plus the mass of their crew's balls.


    WWII will forever blow my mind. What strange creatures we are

  8. Melon Mouth says:

    My great great great great great grandpa died in ww2 he was in a Lockheed p-38 he was shot down by a plane I have no name off. My great grandma said he didn’t died when he shot down but he did as soon he hit the ground still I don’t know the truth what actually happened.

  9. Gábor Kiss says:

    What the heck kind of rocket was that at 5:20? Like a small nuclear bomb…

  10. Chris Espinosa says:

    0:44 were those numbers drawn in the sky or am I tripping?

  11. Jorge Luis Mineros Medina says:

    now at days showin this video to a veteran pilot,(ALL THE TRAUMAS COME BACK)

  12. Dominate Gene says:

    thats some big booms

  13. Sing Cave says:

    It looks more worser then the movies

  14. When was in my early 20's I worked with a guy he was tail gunner on B-17's, never talked about it much, very nervous type, set off real easy, completely understandable.He had seen and lived through things I could not imagine in my worse nightmare.

  15. Captain Yolo Waffle says:

    Okay honestly, who was like “let’s strap some cameras to our bombers” like bruh who tf would think that

    I’m glad tho

  16. Why do ppl kill each other?
    People, Human in The Earth should be united. One for all, All for one.

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