The First World War. B/W,color combat footage.Weapons,German military,artillery tactics, Strategy.H D History channel documentary. BBC video,rare photos of ww1 German,French,British, Australian Army. Archduke Franz Ferdinand,1914.Why the Belgian Forts fell. The destruction of the French Colonial Corps, Foreign Legion and the Schlieffen plan.The German Army superiority in Krupp heavy Howitzer and heavy artillery (Big Bertha), machine gun and infantry training, officers tactics and modern warfare. The Battle of the Frontiers, Ardennes, Sambre, Mulhouse. Alsace and Lorraine and why the German Empire was winning WWI

### Whilst I have tried to make this video as accurate as possible, due to video limitations, a certain amount of violence to the Chronology is unavoidable: British mobilization, in relation to the Kitchener recruitment drive. Some French German and Belgium uniforms, unit designations to fronts etc and also
German artillery.###

Terence Zuber
John Mosier
cross of iron Ernest Gold
Succes dela belle epoque Georgel
its a long way to tipperary Mitch Miller
Ali Mills waltjam bat matilda
i wore a tunic oh what a lovely war
the world at war Carl Davies
Pachelbel Bach voices of music
two steps from hell heart of courage
Der true Husar paths of glory
The Great War
World War One in Colour
mryourentertainer you tube
Pierre’s Photo Impressions of the Western Front

I do not own any of the images, video or sound recordings in this clip. The rights belong to the previous owner.Meant just for entertainment.

World War One Battles of WW1 German French Color Combat Footage Western Front 1914 Army Tactics Part 3


  1. Michael Malcom says:

    Great video,. Please keep making videos. Covid 19 is NOT the FRONT LINE OR A WAR ZONE however I respect their comparison to our plight as combat soldiers. At least they acknowledge us now that thousands are dying. The news has sorta forgotten the soldiers are still on the gound conducting combat operations.

    Thanks again,

    I really enjoyed it.

  2. People often forget that, for a french soldier, Aug 1914 was as bad as the Somme, Verdun or Chemin des Dames

  3. Peter Roberts says:

    You would think the invention of gunpowder would have made war obsolete. It just made it more barbaric.

  4. Support to German Empire from Turkey,weird Frenchies you could never defeat Germany on 1v1 without any help from other countries.

  5. Freidheim of Prussia says:

    Worse than wwii according to fighting conditions

  6. Vive la République, vive la France !

  7. Vive la République, vive la France !

  8. Gary Pansey says:

    Truly well done video with excellent military information. When Beethoven is heard, it’s very moving…

  9. christmar67 says:

    ,,,a civil war  ,,,, stupid war

  10. Ob s stürmt oder schneit ob die sonne uns lacht.

  11. Annabel Soulier says:

    Respect pour tous ces pauvres gars qui ont laissé leurs peaux et comment la propagande de notre si chère république a transformé ces premiers mois d'hécatombe en une victoire de bon à rien de généraux ,une énorme pensée pour toutes les familles qui ont perdu un proche lors de cette guerre.

  12. Paul Ciobanu says:

    Fuck the Russians,the English,the Germans!
    Quand il s'agit d'une guerre ,la Roumanie a étè et sera toujours avec sa soeur plus grand,la France.Même si aujourd'hui il y a des petites querreles entre nous a causes des gitans, nous serons toujours avec vous comme pour nos frères.Nous provenons de la meme Empire Roman(vous etiez la Gaule,nous etions la Dacie,Dacia)Il n'y a pas un pays plus proche de Roumanie que la France. 😌
    Nous avons un rue et une avenue avec le nom du general Charles de Gaulle.
    Vive la France!

  13. icejwer icytop says:

    if Napoleon was born in these era French and Germans will be equal.

  14. Ronnie Keight says:

    what is the name of this sound track, its awesome?

  15. Brian Law says:

    wow! excelente video!, lastima que no entiendo al 100% el ingles ¿Where is the photo of the cuirassiers,? ¿they fight in the blattle of marne?

  16. ismail hakkibas says:

    what is this song?

  17. The French uniform of Red and Blue did not help them either.

  18. Clayton Adams says:

    How is it possible, in any universe, to write that the French 75 was the wrong gun for the war? Every reputable historian has said the opposite.

  19. Woodstock The Bird says:

    I see more colour footage from the earlier years of the war then I do in the late war…

  20. David Lamm says:

    viver la France as is us boys say

  21. Antonio Rios says:

    Vive la France ! Vive la patrie!

  22. Jeffrey Bull says:

    We are the most destructive animal on the earth. Thank god we're going extinct.

  23. FrenchMilitaryPower says:

    Vive la France !

  24. Emmanuel Choquin says:

    don t speak english :l

  25. Emmanuel Choquin says:

    pk ce en anglais je vais rien comprendre

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