The First World War. B/W,color combat footage.Weapons,German military,artillery tactics, Strategy.H D History channel documentary. BBC video,rare photos of ww1 German,French,British, Australian Army. Archduke Franz Ferdinand,1914.Why the Belgian Forts fell. The destruction of the French Colonial Corps, Foreign Legion and the Schlieffen plan.The German Army superiority in Krupp heavy Howitzer and heavy artillery (Big Bertha), machine gun and infantry training, officers tactics and modern warfare. The Battle of the Frontiers, Ardennes, Sambre, Mulhouse. Alsace and Lorraine and why the German Empire was winning WWI

### Whilst I have tried to make this video as accurate as possible, due to video limitations, a certain amount of violence to the Chronology is unavoidable: British mobilization, in relation to the Kitchener recruitment drive. Some French German and Belgium uniforms, unit designations to fronts etc and also German artillery.###

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John Mosier
cross of iron Ernest Gold
Succes dela belle epoque Georgel
its a long way to tipperary Mitch Miller
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i wore a tunic oh what a lovely war
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two steps from hell heart of courage
Der true Husar paths of glory
The Great War
World War One in Colour
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Pierre’s Photo Impressions of the Western Front

I do not own any of the images, video or sound recordings in this clip. The rights belong to the previous owner.Meant just for entertainment.

World War One Battles of WW1 German French Color Combat Footage Western Front 1914 Army Tactics Part 1


  1. WJack97224 says:

    There is no such thing as a "good" excuse. The excuses for the politicians and their errors are exceedingly poor! The political leaders on all sides should have been hunted down and thrown in prison for the balance of their lives.

  2. WJack97224 says:

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  3. Mats Hagglund says:

    The Battle of the Frontiers, fought at the outset of World War I, doesn’t have the same historical notoriety as Verdun or Somme, but it saw in one day more French soldiers die than in any other day in history. In 22 August 1914, 27,000 French soldiers died in less than 24 hours. It remains France’s highest ever death toll in a single day, despite being followed by four years of brutal and bloody conflict. Jean-Michel Steg, a historian who has written extensively on this military catastrophe – which nevertheless stopped the German “Schlieffen Plan” in its tracks – says he is as “haunted” by the fateful date as he is perplexed as to why it has slipped from the national consciousness.

    What exactly happened on August 22, 1914?

    Jean-Michel Steg: "The deadliest months of the war were the first ones, between August and October, 1914. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, an incredible number of soldiers were mobilized at the same time. Hundreds of thousands of troops from both sides were exposed to death that day. France had five armies positioned from east to west, from Alsace and Lorraine to the Belgian border. For different reasons, all of these armies fought on that same day as part of 15 different assaults, with no coordination between them.

    In each case, the French lost a lot of ground and left many of their wounded behind because they were not adequately trained in defensive warfare and because their artillery was badly exploited. There were many painful lessons to be learned in static warfare that still had to be learned. Sadly, this inexperience would cost many lives. The army also had a class of officers which, while being extremely courageous, were willing to sacrifice their lives – and those of their men – rather than withdraw strategically, as they should have done."

    F24: The day’s fighting at the Belgian village of Rossignol stands out…

    J-M S: "A division of colonial infantry – made up mostly of men from Brittany and southern France, not of colonial troops – found itself in dire straits. Its commander, General Raffenel, had gone mad. He went off into the battle on his own and was soon killed. His subordinates didn’t know what to do and the men of the division, without orders, stayed where they were and were annihilated as they fought the German encirclement. It was a total disaster. Up to 7,000 men were killed in that small zone, and many more killed at Charleroi further north. "

    Who bears the ultimate responsibility for this carnage?

    J-M S: "Tactically, the Germans had the upper hand. Both sides were engaged in chaotic face-to-face fighting. And while the credo of the French army was to attack, the Germans were quickly able to put up strong defensive positions. They would sit tight, observe the French dispositions and use their artillery to devastating effect, forcing the French to manoeuvre rapidly under fire. The French army of the time also had a very rigid and strict hierarchy. Nothing could be done without sending runners for orders and this took a long time. The German army had a less centralised command structure, and junior officers were informed of battle plans and were given more autonomy to use their own initiative. Individual German units could therefore manoeuvre more quickly, giving them the distinct upper hand."

  4. The photo at 0:29 is not Gavrilo Princip. The man was a bystander who was arrested.

  5. WW1 World War 1 The Western Front 1914 says:

    Notteriva Music from the 1977 film Cross of Iron, music composed and conducted by Ernest Gold.

  6. Notteriva says:

    First Music please?

  7. Col. RAPR says:

    What an informative tour and the music captures the excitement and uncertainty of the times ! A real delight to watch with my history students !

  8. WW1 World War 1 The Western Front 1914 says:


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