World of Warships: Submarines Are Boring – Work In Progress

Submarine gameplay is quite boring so far. There just isn’t enough to do and you’re quite slow. The game looks great underwater and it does lead to some interesting engagements, but all in all you’re just waiting to sail in range. Work in Progress means that it’s likely to change though!
The beginning and end clip are from my stream.

World of Warships footage of the tier 6 German submarine U-69.

33 thoughts on “World of Warships: Submarines Are Boring – Work In Progress

  1. All am saying is send out the damn sub and let's play we only have one life to live

  2. Manuel Ramirez says:

    I like that you point out that despite you find it boring you think it might be ok. My respects.
    Having a CV and a Sub does not disrupt the gameplay of other ships, that's what a spoiled brat would whine about. More flavours change the way to play, now you have to adapt. To suit those who like to play in the sandbox they want just to shoot cannons and steer wargaming could include a mode of cannons only, no CV and no Subs

  3. astrayamatu says:

    on bots if you fire your torpedos . target them aim torpedo tubes and untarget the bot then fire the torpedos most of the time they dont know you fired at them ( yes i know i am way to late to say that )

  4. John Steel says:

    Do all game modes with options of subs, no CV's or CV's no subs. Plus take away rocket planes and bring back player controlled fighters.

  5. This video is very incorrect.1. on the surface they are fast 21 knots 2. sub vs sub play is enabled, aeroon just hasnt come across it yet. I have been pinged and fired on at the deepest depth and sunk, which i think you shouldnt be allowed to do. 3 if you dont want to ping fire your torps, you can observe a bb and if his guns are the wrong way, just pop up on the surface close and shotgun him with 4 torps, dive, go under and then hit with the stern tubes. Sure you will take some damage, but the bb is sunk. Aeroon didnt think to reverse and reload and fire on the fuso again. Just a tip Aeroon, if your giving a video about something, next time be entirely sure how it works before saying things that are not sure. the u-69 is the best sub of the three.

  6. Mario Campos THE FAM says:

    The problem here is not the submarine ! the problem here is that you think this is a modern warfare video game and it's not!submarines suppose to be stealthy as possible not crazy Rambo!

  7. Great start WOW – I love it and look forward to developments – even now with skill and planning I can equal my surface ship scores and just love a fast surface – fire and dive with the sting in the tail as the killer – keep at it.

  8. Yoda's Gaming says: I’ll tell you what’s boring doing the same battles over and over again via the surface and air. I have been waiting years for them to finally add this extra layer and I almost went back to steel ocean because of it. The subs are far from boring and are awesome for stealth players, I was actually pleasently surpise as I was expecting a very simple dumbed down version of sub warfare but they did a great job and if they add them to the game I will be playing this game a lot more. The only thing I will say is like steel ocean I wish we could use the deck gun.

  9. TotheSoundOfThunderingEngine says:

    I only some Subs had deck guns. Adding those in could fix a a lot of that.

  10. Trentin JJ says:

    My ideas
    1. Add guns
    2. Add more torpedoes
    3. Make the faster
    4. Give them better sonar cause they are subs
    5.give most ships depth charges
    6.Make the underwater scene cooler
    7. Make them dive slower
    8. Fix the torpedo curving

  11. Waverley AX says:

    Battleships is the reason why no one wants to play this game. Slow and camping mentality.

  12. Hippy Data says:

    Question who would win a japan carrier or a Russian submarine at tier 6

  13. They have crazy potential!! I hope they fully utilise the idea. I don't know why but submarines if treated well will be so fun

  14. David Rutgers says:

    Thanks for the vid! It was interesting to watch 🙂 Do we know already what is the prerequisite to unlock the sub? As in: You need a tier III CA/CL to unlock BB or a tier IV DD to unlock CVs. What is the submarine equivalent of this? A tier VI DD or CA maybe?

  15. Drages Oversky says:

    Those cannons are AA or light cannons to shoot civillian targets or shore bombardments (bridges, towns, just to throw fear, mostly at WW1) because they got very limited torpedoes. Those cannon should be manned. So those cannons never used at battlefield life this game creates. AA could be used at last chance when the submarine need to use their diesel engines to get charged up but even so, they are very useless. So yes they got cannons and no they can't use them at naval battles.
    For that reason, late WW2 submarines do not have those cannons.

  16. Dacians Brave says:

    Because you are under average silent hunter1,2,3 user, we like yours nonsens points.

  17. Mogli 613 says:

    Submarines might be enriching for the game when cargo ships are also added; for example in new types of missions in random battle or other battle modes.

  18. Thomas Kolter says:

    I'd scrap homing but give historical tube numbers for single shot or spreads of up to six torpedoes.

  19. Lars Holdgaard says:

    I hope to God they will NOT implement that stupid homing system on the maingame. It will completely ruin the game.

  20. wtf is that bullshit fucking broken CV cancer fuckery at the beginning of the vid? smh.

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