World of Warships – Ship Happens

I wasn’t planning on doing another World of Warships video today, but sometimes you watch a replay and your plans change. This was one of those times.

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42 thoughts on “World of Warships – Ship Happens

  1. harley419 says:

    Should not be left in charge of a television set

  2. Sasquatch says:

    anyone who pays that much for a prem ship has more money than brains

  3. I know I am two years late (and I am the 667th comment ending the nice 666 you had going) but one of the things we learned at the end should have been "Musashi is a very pretty ship."

  4. Mark Mcguire says:

    at 1609 you can see fire on island as Maas comes around,might be fat fingers and he fired torps. early.

  5. Arthur Ng says:

    I admit I look at my ship a lot in battles as well…

  6. Stephan Verhoef says:

    Hi Jingles, I started watching your videos fairly recently, so I don't know if anyone answered you yet in the past two years on that question, but I'm from South Africa, my home language is Afrikaans, but we have 11 official languages now, which is quite more since you were last here.

  7. riaan broodryk says:

    Im from South Africa and play wows … ons praat 11 tale

  8. Reto Bannwart says:

    Thankx for mentioning my homeland

  9. Tyler Edwards says:

    I would love more battleship replays

  10. 17:00 if that had been a russian ship, there would have been a reference to Stalin's cold dead hand (I miss such quotes from WoT) =)

  11. Robert Rowe says:

    If Ossie had HP loaded at 16:25, he would have sunk that enemy destroyer in that first salvo. In any case, he did manage to sink him. Great job Ossie!

  12. Ryan Kayton says:

    I’m South African. 11 Official languages, but just about everyone is multilingual so we at least have a medium of communication XD

  13. Destoffeldv says:

    oranje, blanje, blau jingles!

  14. Nick Dodd says:

    I love your voice!

  15. Saurabh Singh Makrahi says:

    Yes Auzzie…we know..its a pretty ship..😂😂😂😂😂 adorable…in all the excitement we forgot to notice Auzzie Capped…🤣🤣🤣🤣….seems u didn't have much faith in Auzzie to do anything 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. nacht.valter says:

    I am Austrian and I can hardly understand a word of this so called swiss "german" xD

  17. Seluecus1 says:

    as Yuro calls the Musashi: Yamasashi.

  18. Super Pershing says:

    I just got the notification

  19. XLegomenon says:

    Yes, I can admit that I too like to size up my Iowa in mid battle. It's a habit. I wouldn't say a bad one-

  20. random video says:

    But it has a Japanese flag

  21. Kenny The Prinny says:

    Dear Admiral Jingles, I've only recently discovered your Channel and I have to admit I enjoy your Commentary on World of Warships. I was wondering if any Warship Videos are ones that you played personally.

  22. Circlebutton says:

    Jingles is the Sir David Attenborough of gaming.

  23. на заднем приводе многие играют и у нас но видосы не выкладывают))

  24. straithealer 014 says:


  25. hedning003 says:

    And the official language in u.k. is what?

  26. Vincenzo Cracolici says:

    I can not visualize the game as you do. I wonder why…

  27. wColonialBoy says:

    I dont care what they say Jingles, I still love ya. Cheers mate!

  28. Hayden Young says:

    Shits giggles and that jingles laugh XD

  29. David Kaminski says:

    Usually there are only two or three people on a team who know what they are doing. The catch is to be those two or three people, and not the cannon fodder.

  30. Lukos0036 says:

    "Yes Ozzy, it's a very pretty ship." XD

  31. Christopher Vanoster says:

    600k subs!

  32. Stuart Savage says:

    five official languages #5 : Money!

  33. Christo Du Toit says:

    We have eleven official languages in South Africa Jingles,
    also we are on the brink of civil war…

  34. Since I'm watching the WoWS-videos since a while but haven't started playing it, during vacations it was "about time" 😉
    My comment has nothing to do with the (- great as always 😉 – ) video, it's more of a question. As a pretty new player I don't know everything about the captain skills and I'm questioning, if RPF will be a great advantage…but I didn't found any from you videos about it (just from Flamu).
    Has anybody and/or Jingles some recommendations for me? 🙂
    (ATM I see it as an advantage especially for destroyers…and generell an advantage for players, who have poor map awareness. But as it takes 4 points, the Concealment skill for 4 points seems to make more sense for me / gives me a better advantage.)

    Thanks for all the good work – and I think some (new) players may hate me in lowtiers, when I plow through them with your tipps 😀

  35. Ahmed Docrat says:

    11 languages jingles ,

  36. Rain Maker says:

    Jingles please make a review about the French battleships like you did on the german and british.

  37. Tiaan De Swardt says:

    South AFrica has 11 official languages now and all of them are in the national anthem.

  38. Great video Jingles ! And yes, Ozzie, it is a beautiful ship,

  39. Who da lee who says:

    Don't forget jive, Jive is a major dialect in a large part of the world.

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