World of Warships – San-Francisco Artillery Corps

Naval fortifications made it into the game a while ago, so it is high time we looked at one of these installations. Our destination: the coastline of San Francisco.

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50 thoughts on “World of Warships – San-Francisco Artillery Corps

  1. Juan Rodriguez says:

    Would like them to make a video of the USS South Dakota it has a long and good history

  2. djcfrompt says:

    You say 50 calibers as if that's a unit of length, which it's not. A 6 in. M1897 gun is 310.4 in (788 cm) in length.

  3. Miatacrosser says:

    Visited the installation just north of Fort Townsley in the sixties. Lots of fun for a twelve year old to roam through the tunnels

  4. Emelito Mausisa says:

    Why did the gun didn't get installed? Or uninstalled?

  5. Golden Albatross says:

    How big can a cannon get until it gets impractical and too heavy to use reliably

  6. LOVE is in THE AIR says:

    please do the fort drum or the corigidor in the philippine

  7. Super są te waże odcinki, moglibyscie robic filmy dokumentalne 60 minutowe <3.

  8. Kira Yamato says:

    I hope they'll include the Fort Drum in the Philippines.

  9. Michael Stevenson says:

    where is the host from? I'm trying to place his accent

  10. Wow, this is epic! Better than Discovery, do more about ships and battles! Maybe they will play it at history lessons 🙂 Damn, I might even consider buying a premium at WoWs just to support these kind of videos…

  11. Kistler Clipz says:

    spent more time here than I did anywhere else in San Francisco

  12. Neal Scroggs says:

    Two of the ships these 16" guns were built for were not scrapped or cancelled by the Washington Treaty. Since there hulls were mostly complete they were allowed to be re-purposed as aircraft carriers, a kind of warship not considered a capital ship by naval authorities of the 1920's. These were the battlecruisers Lexington (CC-1) and Saratoga (CC-3). The Lexington-class was to consist of 6 battlecruisers, each carrying eight 16" main guns in four centerline turrets. They were designed in answer to the Royal Navy's 15" Admiral-class battlecruisers.

    Oddly enough in the wake of WWI planners in both London and Washington began to think of war scenarios between Great Britain and the United States. The thinking was commercial rivalry between America and the British Empire would ignite a war between these two powers. Cooler head prevailed and the Washington Naval Conference was convened in 1921 to head off an arms race between the major naval powers: the United States, Great Britain, Japan, France, and Italy. Several counties without significant navies also attended: Belgium, the Netherlands, and Portugal. These had overseas colonies and expressed an interest in attending. China also attended because even in 1921 they were in fear of an expansionist Japan. The USSR was not invited. Nobody was interested in dealing with Lenin's regime after the brutal killing of Tsar Nicholas and his family in 1918.

    The Treaty resulted in the cancellation of the South Dakota-class battleships, and all but two of the Lexingtons. The RN's Admiral-class was cancelled or scrapped except one, the in-commision battlecruiser HMS Hood. The British also cancelled the four planed battlecruisers of the G3 class and four planned N3 battleships. As aircraft carriers the Lexington (CV-2) and Saratoga (CV-3) were the largest such ships in the world, but they were inefficient in the role compared to purpose-built carriers like the Yorktowns. Lexington was lost in the Battle of the Coral Sea, but Saratoga did outstanding service and was torpedoed and hit by kamikazes and bombs and yet survived to be expended as a nuclear bomb target in Operation Crossroads.

  13. Bulalong Lomi says:

    When WoW Documentary is better than World of Warplanes >.<

  14. Ethan Jordan says:

    I visited the batteries a few years ago it was really cool but vary long walk to get up to mountain tops where the batteries are

  15. Iskapo Clavejo says:

    cool history ! those guns are same as the ones used on the defense of corrigidor

  16. I'm not going to school. WARGAMING is my school. And it's the weekend.

  17. AlabamaSoldier says:

    Meanwhile, BB players in-game regularly miss 9-12 shots fired at point-blank range into DDs.

  18. Doctor Doubt says:

    Let me paint the scene.

    Early on a Sunday morning, the alarm is sounded. "Enemy ship on the horizon!" yelled the officer. Within 5 minutes, the guns were ready to fire. 2 massive booms echoed throughout the surrounding area.

    Abboard the enemy ship, 2 loud dings are heard. "Assess the damage!" exclaims the captain of the IJN Yamato, in Japanese.

    [insert bounce ribbon x2]

  19. Pigeon0fDoom says:

    Why use meters for armor, and miles for distance? Pls keep the meter…

  20. Lucullus72 says:

    Thank you for this. Few people in the Bay Area even know of the old and elaborate coastal defenses at the Marin Headlands.

  21. Good video! Learned something new…. but…. could you tone down the music, and all the camera angles / lighting effects? Try to keep the documentaries more informative and less flashy, like your tank reviews. So many documentaries today are all flash and no substance – please don't become like that! But keep making these, I love them!

  22. Harris Christian Magalona says:

    can you please include Fort Drum(El Fraile island)

  23. Coroamă Elena-Doruța says:

    They should put those videos on National Geographic Channel!

  24. Kenneth Lindahl says:

    I worked at fort Casey on Whidbey island. it had two 10-inch guns on disappearing carriages currently mounted at Fort Casey were transferred from the Philippines, my dad stood on the tip of the barrel when he was overseas

  25. Wiryan Tirtarahardja says:

    I think I'll go visit these places again in the weekends. Video loaded on phone while doing it o7

  26. Wiryan Tirtarahardja says:

    I go out there for bicycle rides or jogs once in a while.

  27. Ernest Gross says:

    I know a great deal about military history, but I did not know about this. Your presentation was very informative and I interesting; thank you!

  28. Judge Dredd says:

    great video on coastal artillery! you guys should go to Fort Rodd hill with its dissapearing guns!

  29. Jonathan Devine says:

    Oh hey, something I know something about. I used to give history tours at Ft. Stevens, in Oregon. Many more batteries there. Also they used disappearing rifles, which are an engineering wonder in themselves. Cool to see WoWS talking about this.

  30. can I just say thank you to Wargaming for being such an excellent example to the military history community. I don't think ANY other company, especially not a game developer, does or has done as much to educate people as Wargaming has – not to mention the amount of information they uncover as a result of ongoing research, or the quality of the content they produce, both in terms of videos and articles but also in terms of game 'polish'. So to break the monotony of people complaining about balance or literally everything else under the sun, I'd just like to say props to you.

  31. Ken Newell says:

    Why is it that documentary-makers these days find it essential to try and heighten the drama by the use of "hype" music?
    It is NOT needed and neither is it wanted.
    It does NOTHING to increase the interest and merely detracts from what may otherwise be an engrossing commentary.

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