World of Warships – Quick Cut Tier VI Premium British Aircraft Carrier HMS Ark Royal (Brawl)

Continuing my adventures playing Tier VI Premium British carrier HMS Ark Royal in Brawls is this game on Shatter. I don’t have all that great a game here; honestly, our T-61 does a lion’s share of the heavy lifting, though I am able to contribute some work out of the torpedoes and just spotting damage in general. One of the things you see me doing is not taking advantage of follow-up strikes in a few places, and I fat-fingered at least one whole squadron deployment and sent it back to the deck when I meant to attack with it. I am n00b.

In an effort to keep a better flow of content coming, I’m going to pretty up some of my more interesting Twitch games from a given week and share them on the channel. It kind of goes against my innate need to have a good-looking finished product, but I’m going to try this and see what you guys think. Please let me know in the comments. These are much faster to produce than my normal stuff, but are a little less polished.

View the original video here (including the chat):

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