World of Warships – Plane Sailing.

Taking a break from the usual high level stuff to show what happened to Justdags when he spawned into a tier 5 match in his USS New York to find two carriers on the enemy team and suddenly wished he’d been in the USS Texas instead.

See what I did there with the title? Okay it’s not very good, I’ll see myself out.

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47 thoughts on “World of Warships – Plane Sailing.

  1. TheSaifear says:

    i guess this 6 vs 6 was mainly a result of the division: Langley (tier 4) and omaha (5), tier 4 cant play anything higher than tier 5 I think?

    so the matchmaker had to find tier 4 and 5s only I guess. (and therefore four tier 4 carriers..)

    the two were the worst of their team unfortunately, but its a nice strategy if im right on this one.

  2. riquelmeone says:

    Jingles, I often hear you say "hsi repair is on cooldown" or "he is using sonar" when you talk about enemy ships. How do you know that? Is there an indicator I am not seeing or are you assuming?

  3. Adam Mullarkey says:

    4:45 Excuse me, Jingles? "Jagwer?" The fuck is a "jagwer?"

  4. Garvin Lee says:

    one time i got 250 health left, rush a tier 6 british bb and got 52 health left and killed the bb

  5. Chris Hoebee says:

    Then as an team member you feel kind off stupid if one ship kills them all and you have no points at all or bareley. Nice play true

  6. Anthony C says:

    Funny enough, my friend just started playing. Went in to a T4 battle with 6 ships and my mighty Phoenix. I had killed them all lol… But knowing they're new players and learning, it's not a big achievement. But was still pretty funny.

  7. Seal clubbing is an issue. I've been playing WOWS casually for a few years. Highest tiered ship I have is a VII. My friends and I generally only play coop and operations as any time we try random we end up with a team that has 50% AFKers and ridiculously good opponents who spot and kill us before we get a chance to do anything. It also doesn't help that we always seem to get the "Straights" map, which for cruisers is a nightmare. Look at the scoreboard after each failed attempt to try random battles and the enemy team is almost always ranked players seal clubbing.

    Seal clubbing is the reason I don't play WOT or WOP. At least with WOW there is CO OP and Operations that you can play.

    I'm glad Jingles also hates seal clubbing and doesn't often feature those sorts of replays.

  8. RockNRuen says:

    Downloading on Steam now!! Got the Blitz on the mobile a couple weeks ago, I can’t get enough!!! Naval Ops: Warship Gunner on PS2 is still an all time favorite game!

  9. Jem Coasters Art Dept says:

    you should try 6 Tier 4 ships with 2 carriers a side – happens ALL the time on the Euro server

  10. SolarDwagon says:

    Also you missed that Texas has a 4 second longer reload compared to the NY

  11. Jerred Wayne says:

    I'm grateful for what wargaming has done for the real Texas. But what they have done to the in game Texas is shameful. The aa is what made people by the Texas in the first place if they aren't like me. Who bought it because she is my states ship and I'm proud to have her in my port regardless. It's cool to play a ship you've visited several times.

  12. ozan koray doganay says:

    I dont like world of warship anymore, just saying.

  13. As someone who's lived mostly at tier 4 and 5 I can't say I've seen many bots in Random battles…

  14. Matthew Blomstrom says:

    do we send WoWs replays to your email?

  15. Thirdofherne says:

    Why is there no medal for sinking every ship on the enemy team?

  16. Kakav deda takav unuk says:

    What is the point of this video?

  17. Jeff Wickersheim says:

    Jingles, you should have your video on here more often. Your reactions are great to listen to and probably funny to watch!

  18. I don't see bots on NA very often, and I play frequently at 0530. In fact the other day, I played a tier2 match that was 2 vs 2, but there were no bots.

  19. djolley61 says:

    Some of the funnest ships are low tier, the German V-25 comes to mind.

  20. Vincent Ray says:


  21. fuzztsimmers 3 says:

    wow i have killed multiple entire teams in ranked.

  22. ossie beasley says:

    Can you try narrating without your STUPID laugh???

  23. ResidentEvil742 says:

    I wish I still had the replay for a match I had in SMS Nassau where I did something like 120k damage lol. I sank nearly the entire enemy team maybe minus 1-2 ships.

  24. Brecken Helsley says:

    The Bayern is actually a really good AA ship

  25. As Colin Walker said below. Texas AA has been butchered recently and any carrier can get torps through…

  26. Dominic Buckley says:

    Did a Tier V random battle recently, five ships on each side: three carriers, one cruiser and one destroyer.

    I was the destroyer on our side: never been deleted so quickly.

  27. JEP Pajarilla says:

    now seen your face atlast..what a great player..detailed info on its unit he used..

  28. Captain Ken says:

    I greatly enjoy playing tier 4-6 games. Mainly because it's more FUN than the usual tier 10 island-humping HE-spamming games and also because there are some very interesting ships to play around with. Have a great Sunday playing and having fun in your favorite ships! πŸ™‚

  29. The "Texas" ingame doesn't have the turret set farther aft, the "New York" (which actually is Texas..) can't traverse the center turret forward far enough because the boats are on the deck. The boats shouldn't be there. They were removed in wartime. So the limitation is artificial.

    Same thing happens to the Texas with the #2 turret. The turret is artificially limited in aft traverse to prevent it from clipping with one of the AA guns on the quarterdeck.

  30. Military Vehicl3s says:

    This game looks great!!

  31. 2:37 Everyone in the chat talking about their AA.
    Me in Arkansas: You guys got AA?

  32. Absaalookemensch says:

    It's not like he carried that game.

  33. Lawrence Rouse says:

    Jingles, I used to love your videos but you have become really cynical. Also, you should watch more carrier play, because hearing your comments on them you really don't understand them.

  34. The Noob Woodworker says:

    good old 4am matchmaking.

  35. Brandon Clark says:

    Throw enough shit at the wall and eventually you'll get a citadel!

  36. cockandballtorture says:

    its a better trust me

  37. cockandballtorture says:

    you should try warthunder

  38. Grasshopper K says:

    "Bulked with bots" Jingles, are you getting mixed up with Co-op? XD
    This match is a prime example of how the match maker does NOT fill team lists with bots in Random battles πŸ˜› it just changes the requirements every minute or so, so those in the queue for 5 minutes get a chance to play.

  39. thomas mumster says:

    I more or less quit wows 2 days ago, i have tier 10 ships, always enjoyed ranked the most. Somehow after countless games ending up in a team getting stomped incl. carriers i had enough. it is just no fun anymore. I watched this and took out my texas, for the first time since.. i dont even give it another chance..maybe i am just bad.. guess what… i ended up bottom tier in a tier 7 match in a team getting stomped d-_-b guess the only thing that stays are jingles wows videos^^

  40. I once sunk all the enemy ships by myself.
    (It was a late game on a low population server, so the match was a 1v1… but STILL COUNTS!)

  41. Richard Holmes says:

    I am new to war ships so maybe its new people but i dont know what to train a captain in or spec out the ship for plus theres no way to find this out when you have that question i had train my captain in stuff only to find that i wasted my time as a patch or so ago they changed it all and my captains have skills that now have a cross over that skill as its deemed they can not use it

  42. Gaming with Bigby says:

    Jingles, I sent you a mid-tier battle that was a real nail-biter about a month or two ago. Check your emails if you want something to feature.

  43. Jopsyduck says:

    I don't know if I've said this on this channel before, but construction began on the New York on September 11, 1911 (90 years to the day before the day where terrorists crashed planes into the twin towers and the pentagon.)

  44. Russell Bradley says:

    As a proud Texan that lives within an hour of the actual USS TEXAS and love sailing her in WoWs I must say too the enemy USS TEXAS Capt… You bring shame too family πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  45. Low lev, untrained WoWS players going up against 'regrinding naval academy' max captainpoint veterans, because "that's good for the game"
    AKA "How to kill the influx of newbs 101"

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