World of Warships – Naval Fortress: Redsand

Part oil rig, part fort—the iconic Maunsell towers were an ingenious way to protect Britain during World War 2!

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45 thoughts on “World of Warships – Naval Fortress: Redsand

  1. gordon razey says:

    Also used in the 1974 film slade in flame and also the episode not so jolly Rodger of danger man and the missing 1968 doctor who story fury from the deep

  2. Shawn Gilliland says:

    It is astonishing how effective the British were in the quick construction of the Redsand Fort, particularly under wartime conditions. Like the German flak towers, though before those, I think. Rule, Britannia!

  3. 11:52 what's that song called? I thought it was a Beatles song but I don't think it is? Was it made for this video or is it an original song? Please comment, thanks!

  4. General Hawk505 says:

    Funny to know they were made for an invasion that never came!

  5. During the winter, when the soldiers went inside, did enemy planes have an advantage? What sort of heating did cockpits have at the time?

  6. dolce1788 says:

    Fascinating. These really creep me out, though; can't explain it.

  7. T.K. Kirkland says:

    Looks like something straight out of the fallout universe

  8. You guys should take a trip to Christchurch, NewZealand & document the coastal fortifications at Godley Head, Ripapa Island, battery point & the ammo storage built into the caves near cashin Quay.

  9. noonebutme says:

    We want a Dardanelles episode. It can not be neglected in Naval and World History.

  10. Michelle Stone says:

    These naval fortresses need to be in world of warships

  11. Corristo89 says:

    You could say that in terms of damage done, Redsand wasn't very effective. But the idea of a fortification isn't to attack, but to deter any would-be attacker from even attempting an attack, since losses would be too high. The French forts of WW1 held up hundreds of thousands of German troops for months and inflicted massive casualties. Unfortunately the French thought that more forts were the way to go and built the Maginot Line, which proved very uneffective during WW2, since the Germans simply went around it. Troops are mobile, forts are not. Redsands guarded London's Thames approach and that was it. Had they chosen an alternative route, they would've been utterly uneffective.

  12. teacher : well done, you are very good at History subject, where you learn it ?
    student : I'm learning it from video game 😀


  13. Blackgunner says:

    We should put them down. Aircraft bomb / missle strike. Go out in battle, not wasting away.

  14. Alex Wadge says:

    It's funny that wargaming does the history channel's job better than the history channel

  15. should be preserved instead of wasting millions on other useless projects
    or investment make them into luxury apartments i would live there

  16. DragonLord1103 says:

    wow…would be awesome to possibly restore them…so there can be visitors…but I really doubt that.

  17. TheKesmen says:

    Some company should buy it and make a Hotel out of it 😀

  18. Aviation Maintenance Tool Man says:

    Great video. They should restore the fort to it's a original state so it can become a museum.

  19. Makise Kuristina says:

    Would WG do a video about the British naval fortifications in Singapore?

  20. CHUBBYCAKES says:

    if this was a ship i would be depressed…brings back the bad memories of watching Battle 360 ep 10 to hear that the big E was to be scrapped

  21. Liam Austin says:

    I Can see these out to see all the time and it just make me sad that they are just left to rust and fall to pieces.

  22. John Carlo says:

    you guys should do a video about the concrete battle ship of the americans here in the Philippines

  23. TheAfterPein says:

    Wargaming needs to share the music they use. it's just incredible.

  24. Koren Gagin says:

    wants the point of this video since WG wont add forts back into the game. HEY WarGaming instead of wasting money in this shit if your not going to have it in the game how about throw the money at fixing the GAME!

  25. Well iam not an strategist but isnt easier put some AA cruisers over the coast instead of giant towers with 5 guns? Was it really that effective?

  26. I wish WG would do us a favor and tell us what are the songs used in their videos. Such amazing soundtrack for such amazing videos.

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