World of Warships – Know Your Ship #32 – Baltimore Class Heavy Cruiser

Episode 32 of Know Your Ship! In this educational video I cover the Baltimore class heavy cruisers. These US Navy cruisers served in the latter half of the Second World War. They were well armed with 9X8″/55s, 12X5″/38s and a large number of 20 and 40mm anti-aircraft guns. The Baltimores served in the Pacific and Atlantic theatres. They also served during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Some of the Baltimore class ships would be converted to become the first guided missile cruisers in the United States Navy. Admirals, get to know these powerful heavy cruisers before taking command of them in game.

Footage in this video from:
“Battle 360 – Episode 6” – History Channel
“History of the St. Paul” –
“Heavy Cruiser Firepower” – Melvin Douglas
“USS Boston – CAG-1 – New Missiles Might Replace Navy’s Guns” –

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30 thoughts on “World of Warships – Know Your Ship #32 – Baltimore Class Heavy Cruiser

  1. Stephen Odell says:

    They use stock footing from some ones archives and hope no one notice,

  2. K Rosteck says:

    My grandfather served aboard the Baltimore during the Korean war. So hard to find docs on the ship.

  3. Satrio Budiharjo Yauri says:

    At 3:36 I immediately noticed that is the Iowa, I played world of warship for full 5 years, I know all of the warships

  4. I'm surprised none of these ships were saved. I know Buffalo has the USS Little Rock, but none of the other Great Lakes cities chose to keep a museum. I bet USS St. Paul would have been cool in Duluth

  5. That "360" clip ruined your presentation they are loud and boisterous film makers total propaganda and little in any facts, exceptionally immature…game genre if that. I'll exit the viewing now.

  6. Jimmy Lester says:

    An interesting fact not covered here is that by the time I served on the Saint Paul in Vietnam in 1966 the most forward 5" guns were removed from below the bridge. This meant that Captain Fischer's favorite turret was now MY turret—Turret Two. I took lots of photos of the ship and shipmates. Some of them I truly miss and some of them were assholes.

  7. Michael Naisbitt says:

    I like these videos. Not because of the ships themselves but because of your research into their histories Make the whole thing enjoyable for a landlubber like me. Keep up the good work. 👍👍😄

  8. Baron of Rhodes says:

    "She wasn't repaired until October of 1945, and the war was nearly over"

    The war ended a full month before she ended repairs… (USS Canberra)

  9. Epinephrine says:

    Edinburgh be like


    No, really, you should do a video about the Edinburgh

  10. David Carlson says:

    I remember seeing St. Paul at the inactive ships facility in Bremerton in 1979. Never got to go aboard her, but did go aboard Iowa scrounging for parts as she had the same fire control systems as we did. This was before any plans to bring the Iowa class back into service. Both were beautiful ships with wonderful lines.

  11. Joe Didit says:

    I served aboard the USS Saint Paul for three tours of duty in Vietnam, 1968, 1969 and 1970 just before decommissioning.  At that time, the forward 5-inch mount directly behind turret 2 had already been removed some years earlier.  We only had 5 of the original 6 5-inch twin mounts.  Not sure when it was removed.

  12. fooman2108 says:

    I helped strip Boston (I think it was) of some of her spare parts while she was in inactive ships in Norfolk in the 80's. We (Adams class DDG-2 class) had the same missile (Terrier) as Albany so we got go aboard and strip her for some some pieces the USN did not normally stock anymore my then, kind of eerie to be walking around the decks, without a crew or even watchstanders aboard.

  13. Thomas Simmons says:

    That news reel at the end….sigh….Terrier was primarily a SAM, with a secondary capability against surface targets as long as they were close enough for the ship to paint them with it's fire control radar, significantly shorter range then when firing against aircraft.

  14. Margret Fortune says:

    Not a very attractive ship. But well armed and apparently well thought out. Maybe US needs to get some Italian designers, for aesthetics. But keep the rest.

  15. bigrebone says:

    Thanks. my Dad served on the USS Baltimore in WW2. Appreciate the video.

  16. Vashone Hudgins says:

    Hey, great job on this presentation. I know that you made it a while ago, but it is still really good.

  17. redtitan75 says:

    you weren't kidding about the inaccuracy in the ship model at 3:35 (i paused the image and compared it to the actual ship picture) they used the north carolina model to represent the baltimore

  18. ThePitfall317 says:

    My Dad served on the Canberra in the 60's in Vietnam. Love to hear his stories. I really wish one of the Baltimore's were saved as a museum ship.

  19. Game Lard says:

    when the fleet of fog shows up our missiles will still be useless

  20. Joshua Mendez says:

    battle 360: USS Enterprise. i can resite all ten episodes from memory. you have no idea the smile that hit my face when i herd it.

  21. Joshua Mendez says:

    battle 360: USS Enterprise. i can resite all ten episodes from memory. you have no idea the smile that hit my face when i heard it.

  22. Jeannemarie Trotta says:

    Baltimore cruisers were mainly used by the Navy in World War II to protect the fast aircraft carriers in carrier battle groups. With their strong anti-aircraft armament, Baltimores could contribute especially in air defenses of these battle groups
    Tony Trotta

  23. Wolfeson28 says:

    11:40 That gave me a good laugh. How typical of the NK government to claim they sunk a ship which wasn't even in active service at the time, and was never deployed on the same half of the globe even when it was recomissioned.

    NK "Look at our awesome military machine, we sunk your battlesh…err, cruiser."
    U.S. "Um…no. That ship is over here…in the ATLANTIC…and it's just fine."
    NK "We can't hear you over how stronk our communist navy is."
    U.S. "No, seriously, that ship hasn't been on your half of the globe since before your government existed."
    NK "Communist navy stronk!"

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