World of Warships – Know Your Ship #32 – Baltimore Class Heavy Cruiser

Episode 32 of Know Your Ship! In this educational video I cover the Baltimore class heavy cruisers. These US Navy cruisers served in the latter half of the Second World War. They were well armed with 9X8″/55s, 12X5″/38s and a large number of 20 and 40mm anti-aircraft guns. The Baltimores served in the Pacific and Atlantic theatres. They also served during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Some of the Baltimore class ships would be converted to become the first guided missile cruisers in the United States Navy. Admirals, get to know these powerful heavy cruisers before taking command of them in game.

Footage in this video from:
“Battle 360 – Episode 6” – History Channel
“History of the St. Paul” –
“Heavy Cruiser Firepower” – Melvin Douglas
“USS Boston – CAG-1 – New Missiles Might Replace Navy’s Guns” –

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