[World of Warships] Developer Diaries: Battle of Antarctica

We’re constantly searching for cool Operations to add in the game. Players will definitely recall the April Fools Day mode from years ago, in which they were able to spacewalk and control spaceships. This time, we’re introducing a new Operation based on historical facts from Earth’s history, but still as cosmic and mysterious as that April Fools gag from years ago.

Developer Diaries describe World of Warships game design in detail and it is all about our passion.
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31 thoughts on “[World of Warships] Developer Diaries: Battle of Antarctica

  1. World of Warships Official Channel says:

    Yes, UFOs exist. But they're probably not what you think!

  2. Estados Hispanos de América says:

    No German unos were shot down. The German created a separate Aryan Civilization in Antarctica.

  3. Saw a video of the operation highjump where u can see a ufo coming out of the water and then dip into the sea, you can see shootings too. I looking for the video, I think was deleted, is a long video, like 40 min or more

  4. John Larynz Perez says:

    Now this is a perfect example of a company taking amazing care of its players, never afraid to do something new, my favorite gaming company since 2013(when I was gr.1) until now, may you pls continue your amazing work 😉

  5. ava puckett says:

    I'ma bet the AP shells wouldn't hit do to the sharp slopes on the crafts

  6. LOVE is in THE AIR says:

    dont worry my iowa bb will destroy that alien ship oh that's from the movie battleship hahah

  7. I loved how you started describing history and the suddenly shifted to Reptilian-Nazi rebirth mythology that is helping the rise of new-antisemitism


    Kinde lie because on public test destroyers were.still in

  9. lanslater says:

    Loool Nazis from the Moon & their flying saucer come back Capt America

  10. Faultymonarch5 says:

    CAN YALL PLEASE MAKE WORLD OF WARSHIPS FOR CONSOLE ? I've been begging and emailing for months asking and 1 person said YALL said YALL would look into this

  11. weiß Nicht says:

    This is the revenge by wargaming for obviously the best player base on earth! Mind the wrath of this developement team you fools!

  12. Gaming Cyborg - dead channel says:

    I got suggestions:

    1. Make Spanish ships. this is for A: more variety. and B: the second suggestion.

    2. If you are making a new game mode. why not do one from one of the mot famous British victories against all odds: The Spanish armada! if you decide to make a new map though. try to make a small version of the British isles. With varying mountain hight. Yow will be given a class of ships. Spanish one one side, British on the other. Torpedoes are not allowed. so the torpedo tier of the British ships are banned. you will be given a I – V class of each one for that game. if you already have a ship of that design, you will not be given a temporary ship.

  13. carlos cunha says:

    dolphins, UFOs, what else is missing? door flying aircraft? What's the next thing? Do not make the game turn into a world of coarse fantasies!

  14. legio sko says:

    :s ah dommage je m’attendais plus à un trailer de la rentre entre une flotte et les UFO, qu'ont voient l'amiral urlé de frager dans le tas :s

  15. Hector Espino says:

    Would be so much fun … But what the hell is this idea?

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