World of Warships – Dev Diaries: Soviet Cruisers

In the latest developer diary we are going into some more details about the upcoming branch of Soviet cruisers

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32 thoughts on “World of Warships – Dev Diaries: Soviet Cruisers

  1. Steven Moore says:

    I would much rather play Russian/Soviet cruisers than Russian battleships! At least they actually built most of the cruisers in the tech line. Almost the entire Russian BB line are paper ships. I like to play for the historical aspect, and playing as ships that actually existed in real life.

  2. Slavic Union says:

    If you own a kirov in wows, The best strategy is to stay back on your side of the base, and let your team mates lure the enemy out in the open, the fire from afar, this only works against bots, If bots do start shooting at you keep moving to another position, Keep a long distance from the bots your kirov guns can shoot farther than the bots

  3. Destroyers Beach says:

    WG please put people on ships, I want to see moving people, it feels lonely…😥

  4. Epinephrine says:

    "Almost all of them are light cruisers"

    10/10 Russian bias confirmed

  5. Max Elsoro says:

    I wish
    They add tier10 battleship in soviet line first before others is next in update

  6. ok thats why i question some cruisers when i pull next to a battleship and see im almost the same size

  7. Steve Wonder says:

    Russian cruisers dev diaries
    shiw the Blyskawica

  8. jamie swinburn and lucy chandler says:

    i hate the russian cruisers already because of how weak they're armour is

  9. RedAlertSteve _ says:

    Nice LEGO. I have the same one

  10. Farhan Masood Zaman says:

    When are we gonna get German U-boats?………World War 2 is incomplete without U-boats.

  11. MrMemerman says:

    I love how Wargaming tells us they added easter eggs.

  12. Peter Sharpless says:

    Saying the Moskva is a medium cruiser is a stretch and a half. Its closer to a battleship than it is to a heavy cruiser.

  13. I like this class!😊

  14. Thijmen Krijgsman says:

    Please take them in account

  15. Thijmen Krijgsman says:

    I want dutch cruisers tier 1: soemba tier 2 Jacob van Heemskerk tier 3 Java tier 4 de ruyter tier 5 tromp tier6 zeven provinciën tier 7
    project Utrecht heavy cruiser tier 9 project Arnhem heavy cruiser. And on tier 10 1047 323 battlecruisers project

  16. Ships that never existed have priority over the ships that did exist and made on of the finest navies in the world? LOL WG RUSSIAN NAVY DANK OP.

  17. Vlad Tudor says:

    hey wargaming , when will we get thegerman Battleships ?

  18. I would like to see Czapajew.

  19. cyclops1337 says:

    so wg spent 2 years making ships which never existed for a minor naval power which basically did nothing from 1918 to 1945?

  20. Andreas Hauschild says:

    All I know the premium Russian CA seems, hmm. overdone. Almost 20 km range with 6 inch guns taking only 14 seconds to reach the range. Awesome AA power, 5 x 8 km torps per side. Fast, and small profile.
    Seems strange that a country that had no notable navy now possesses one of the, if not the best all around CA. If the other cruisers are like that, will make no sense to play anything else.

  21. Treetop64 says:

    Such bullshit. At this rate we'll see a full line of Soviet aircraft carriers that never existed, before we'll see anything from the British, French, Italians, Dutch, etc.

  22. Things that never existed before england france and italy….soviets are pretty self centered.
    Charge the west the most for the pixel boats and don't even give us boats that we want or even existed…..good self serving WG

  23. Oh….and…Of course a Typhoon class Submarine

  24. Ru Ships…RAWR…..I Want them sooooo badly 😉

  25. William Benedict Alava says:

    so this ships got an approval from kremlin right?

  26. Kaga ́s Playground says:


  27. The Hungry Wolf 足柄 says:

    Now this has me curious where WG gets their actual blueprints from when career historians can't manage to get their hands on these. I wonder if they'll ever give a source.

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