World of Warships – Bad Kitty

After she gatecrashed last nights’ WOWS VE Day livestream, I think it’s only appropriate that her namesake star in todays’ video. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here’s Akizuki.

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37 thoughts on “World of Warships – Bad Kitty

  1. Joseph Hayes says:

    Gekehenkie's akazuki. Best words ever πŸ˜‚

  2. lmaniac58 says:

    It's funny how when players die and they go all in chat about how the team sucks and the best comments like "I'm going to report all of you!" Yet they have 0 kills, went head first into 3 battleships as a cruiser and died instantly..I've experienced that many of times even in Co-op, and on World of Tanks years ago..still makes me laugh seeing how dumb people are, you put it plain and simple Jingles, "That's a very bold claim to make from somebody who hasn't sunk anything or captured anything."

    War Thunder is worse with these elitist peeps, they rush into 10 enemies alone, die, and then sit there complaining in chat how everyone sucks..again coming from a player that rushed head first into the front lines quickly got their bumb slapped and then blaming everyone else for their stupidity lol. Also that was adorable hearing little Akizuki meow hehe, she just wants all of the attention in your videos :P.

  3. Lol @ the loser saying the guys at C suck. Says the dude with no kills and no captures! Hah!

  4. amhershman says:

    First thumbs down ever…

  5. Patrick Star says:

    Such a well played game. I always love seeing NA server videos since I might crash the party. This video makes me want to dip down to T8 and do a little clubbing.

  6. Depressed Raccoon says:

    I’m quite sure that Akizuki (your cat) is a destroyer as well.

    Just look at that smile, so many teeth!

  7. Vinemaple says:

    They tell you that you suck because you didn't all follow and support and hold their hand while they yoloed off on some pointless and stupid bid for glory which got them killed, which is why you didn't. I've seen it in WoW and I've seen it in WoWs. Entitlement at its finest.

  8. Matthew R says:

    Just saying I'd like to see that high damage idiot replay you mentioned, and we can have a laugh πŸ™‚

  9. Freddie Ellis says:

    I wish he would decide between zoomed in or out. The constant in-out, in-out (shake it all about!) really fucked with my eyes!!!

    We can learn a LOT more from mistakes than from godlike amazing performance.

  11. Hey Jingles, Kills don't mean shit. You base a players ability on kills. You're stupid. I've done 200K+ dmg and not one single kill yet, you praise those who just took the kills for their numbers. Most players that have a lot of kills, don't do any damage, they just see a quick kill and steal it. In all your videos, you put down players with no kills as if they didn't do shit in game, just because of a comment you read. You're a funny man.

  12. Matthew Blomstrom says:

    do i sumbit replays just to hosting service or do i email them?

  13. Marco de vos says:

    Try to google gekke henky hihlol

  14. mikesky formers says:

    Cats always there when they want you

  15. This was on the european server. The Kagero is in my Clan πŸ™‚

  16. Jason Shen says:

    How do you contact this guy, the email doesn't work.

  17. Du Doch Nicht says:

    Well…what the video illustrates is a Destroyer that needs corrected.

  18. casting mediocre skill, high bs luck gameplay – disliked

  19. Marc Smith says:

    I hate destroyers, especially when the rapid fire high explosive.

  20. Southron Jr says:

    Pretty sure the freindly carrier was sending the fighters to spot the enemy carrier.

  21. LaserDisc says:

    One day i hope a Z-46 gameplay comes up wink

  22. ViceAdmiral Morgan says:

    Rofl . I love it when foreigners try to speak out our "G" or "Sch" sound in Dutch. Say Jingles just try to say "Scheveningen" πŸ˜‰

  23. Shaka kuchiki says:

    CVs SHOULD lose HP as they lose planes…

  24. Rob Beijerinck says:

    hee jingles whas that a Dutchman gekkehenkie

  25. G E K O L O N I S E E R D

  26. Barry Dunham says:

    It's Dave again. That guy plays a lot of warships

  27. martijn vdbroek says:

    that CV did a good attack..his problem is the ship he targeted wasnt rendered correct on his screen

  28. Nope Na-ah says:

    Jingles, I am both socked and appalled by the realization you didn't take the opportunity to call your cat "Acatzuki". I thought you called her that ever since you got her and I loved it, but today realized my ear just heard what they wanted to hear, and you indeed simply called her "Akizuki" …

  29. new drinking game, everytime jingles says "but" or is it "butt"? IDK, keep drinking

  30. Arminius Maximus says:

    CV's fighter patrol is not good at defending anything easy to dodge easy to despawn.. its primary use is spoting ships, on a tier VI cv its agro radius is so small you can get out of it whithin secunds making it ussefull only for spoting .. it has a 17km spoting radius if im not mistaken… WG did change the mechanic so i might not be up to date on range.

  31. Yo MJ what are you streaming on nowadays?, your twitch has been desolate for awhile.

  32. Nicodemus says:

    Jingles, the kagero actually has pretty decent guns (argued best in the IJN torp line). you just have to be choosy about using them, won plenty of duels with DDs that were not expecting me to shoot them with guns, and a well aimed salvo can take off a big chunk

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