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Audacious British Tier X aircraft сarrier.
This heavy aircraft carrier project, designed at the end of World War II, represented a further development of the Implacable class. Her large dimensions allowed her to overcome the major drawback of her predecessors—the relatively small number of airplanes she could carry onboard. The aircraft carriers initially laid down as the Audacious class were completed much later, in the 1950s, with a significantly modified design.

Pros: ( + )
Highest plane healthpool of all tech tree CV’s
All planes have a tight turn radius and quick aimtime
The attack aircraft drop a whopping 42 rockets per attack run, ideal to hunt destroyers
Bombs have a high fire chance and good penetration, and are dropped in large amounts at 18 per drop
Very good at starting fires with both rockets and bombs
Decent ship concealment, turn radius and rudder shift time. When equipped with legendary module, detection is decreased to only 9.9km.
Thickly armored flight deck, resilient against long range fire, rockets and bombs

Cons: ( – )
Attack aircraft are fairly slow, and are slower than the bombers
Rockets have very low penetration, and accuracy leaves a lot to be desired
Bombs lose a lot of effectiveness against heavily armored ships such as Kremlin
Heavily reliant on damage over time effects (fires and floods)
Fairly long plane restoration time
Underwhelming AA suite for a Tier 10 aircraft carrier

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