World of Warships – Armada: Großer Kurfürst

The meanest of all ships in the German Tech-Tree in World of Warships, the battleship Großer Kurfürst, is in the spotlight of the latest episode of Armada series.

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36 thoughts on “World of Warships – Armada: Großer Kurfürst

  1. says:

    HE spam will take care of this monster

  2. Mand'alor te maan says:

    Hold up where did you get these numbers?

  3. Ceayon Johnston says:

    Are the 3 triple guns of GK better then the double gun turrets GK

  4. Leo James Espiel says:

    Großer kurfürst is different in WoWs blitz lol

  5. Neutrality says:

    This ship was built in reality in WW1

  6. The Soviet Union says:

    I’m Kurfurst and Yamato, they both beasts

  7. Radioactive Boi says:

    Ah yes a floating continent

  8. Jonathan Liu says:

    Can it take all 40 of Kitakami’s torpedoes

  9. Dark Reaper says:

    More dangerous than Bismarck, but Germany would still lose if it was built

  10. Alice Gahi says:

    Is grosser kurfurst a made up ship of WG?
    Or was it just never built

  11. Can she get her actual guns and not the ones you made up?

  12. E Salvador says:

    Last time I know großer kürfurst has 4 twin turrets

  13. Larry Passaro says:

    WoWs Pc has ships above tier 10

  14. Why it only has 8 guns in mobile version?

  15. Naval Builder says:

    This is one of the Kriegsmarine cancelled H-class battleship. The mighty Großer Kurfüst

  16. And now u get farmed from Smolensk and Newski gg Wargasm

  17. levi the cleaner says:

    They should make a thing for tier XI custom ships for premium members

  18. Oyun Ejderi says:


  19. The big potato says:

    In wows blitz, he only has only 8 guns, no 12

    And that is not cool

  20. Supergames HM says:

    What design did you guys use for this ship? It doesn't look like any H-class and those are the only german battleship concepts that I know of. If you can tell me please do. It has been bugging me for months now.

  21. Vincent Rees says:

    Sun Tzu teaches:
    To defeat your enemy you must know him.
    I think Grosser Kurfurst knows Yamato very well 💪💀

  22. Yeameen Hossain says:

    Who is watching this in 2020

  23. x0x0x Xxx says:

    1/3 of the video is correct, 1/3 is wrong, and 1/3 is just telling half-truth or straighly missing out important points. For example the armor. The Armor is actaully the weakest of tier 10, but she has a pretty tough citadel due to turtleback armor, a well protected bow (which basically only useful in close combat with a yamato) and a big HP pool.

  24. Ömer Tarık says:

    H-44 battleship gelirse tam olur o devi kullanmayı çok merak ederim(gerçi ben onu kullanamam ama kullanları izlerim hoş olurdu yani)

  25. Mahi Sayan says:

    Grober kurfust vs yamato who will win

  26. Alexander Gutierrez says:

    Just pray that the H-44 doesn't come into the game because it would one shot any battleship or cruiser and eat torps better then yamato and Großer kurfürst combined and have more health the the Kremlin and Großer kurfürst combined but it would make a really good boss battle though

  27. murkywater adminssions says:

    hurr hurr pork knuckle gets HE spammed
    -some random Des Moines

  28. Morne Pretorius says:

    Finally got her

  29. SamYouPlays says:

    Was this based of a real blueprint never built or was this made from the ground up by you guys?

  30. Shin Godzilla says:

    i just want to say this, i played up against this ship… It was a nightmare, however I lived for about 45 seconds in its presence, before all four main turrets took me back to port 🙁

  31. Akmal Hafiz says:

    Hey guys. Please make a video about cruiser Azuma

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