World of Warships – 1:42 Scale: German Destroyer Z-32

German Narvik-class destroyers were cruisers in disguise and today we reveal the history of one particular ship in this class: Z-32

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27 thoughts on “World of Warships – 1:42 Scale: German Destroyer Z-32

  1. It looks like this destroyers can win against japanese light cruiser Yubari.

  2. Lee Hong Jin says:

    Z23 best of the Narvik class~ Azur Lane THICC destroyer!

  3. eisen bahn says:

    WOW I Build Model's too. I Bulid a German Battleship the Bismarck in Scale 1:100 from Wood. But it don't Lock like this Model. How do you Made it? Kann you give me any Hint's? 🙂

  4. Iwan kurkow says:

    This is the first time I hear the german destroyers had good sea qualities….truth is: they were HORRIBLE ! The twin turrret was about 60 tons and pressed down the bow.They never rode the waves, but cut through, resulting in washes over the bow into the bridge. ( This even works on models of this ships….)

  5. Wow! Wish the in game German destroyers were this good! THEY ARE TOTAL GARBAGE IN GAME!!!!!

  6. Donnie Montoya says:

    So pretty much Germany's fletcher class destroyer only with bigger guns

  7. QIHONG JIN says:

    Wow 15cm guns on a Destroyer. That's going to be interesting when these things get into WOWS. Good luck with your Russian 13cm and American 12.8cm

  8. Mikolaj Wojtowicz says:

    I swear if it becomes a premium ship I'm gonna be mad -_-

  9. FoxtrottKilo says:

    The museum in the beginning looked like the naval museum in St. Petersburg. I was there some some weeks ago, VERY interesting pieces are shown there, wounderful ship models in all scale, also guns, torpedoes and other weapons.

  10. Mthammere2010 says:

    so we be getting German DDs before anything royal navy?

  11. SS E_Weston says:

    WR EU, where on earth did you find the footage at 5:11 Also what ship is it?

  12. felix25ize says:

    Between the destroyer and the light cruiser, like the french "contre -torpilleurs".

  13. jelly orwhat says:

    Yeah, you got it. The Z stood for "SERS-TÖRER" NOT to be confused with ZERSTÖRER, many Germans get that wrong, too!

  14. Lafeel Abriel says:

    "excellent seagoing properties"? What are you smoking really? These destroyers had some of the worst seagoing properties of the entire war.

  15. Skystalker says:

    I love that the German habit of over engineering their equipment even extend to their life boats

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