With the Marines in Korea ; Masan (1950)

A marine removes machine gun from em an ment, moves away. MS, a marine holds and braces machine gun as another one fires it.Snow on ground.Pan, of marines, vehicles, supplies in clearing.Patches of snow on ground. MLS, several men loading unidentifiable supplies on truck.Men with rifles marching past the camera.Men loading lengths of pipe on trucks. In the fg, crates stacked up:”Sweetheart Soap”. Some marines going aboard an LVT.Scenes of ships in harbor – may be the Hungnam area. Material is ng.Men playing volley ball on grounds of camp.5 May 50 Masan Group lined up for target practice.Shots of the men lying on the ground and firing rifles at targets.Back to unidentified harbor, Victory ship, then a hospital ship alongside an auxiliary-type ship – it might be an oiler (very shaky, ng)HS, looking down into LSU (LCT). Marines standing on the well deck.HS, looking down from transport as marines come up ladder from LSU alongside.


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