Why was Italy so Ineffective in WWII? | Animated History

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The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, William L. Shirer
Fascist Italy’s Military Struggles from Africa and Western Europe to the Mediterranean and Soviet Union 1935-45, Frank Joseph
Hitler’s Italian Allies: Royal Armed Forces, Fascist Regime, and the War of 1940-1943, MacGregor Knox

Trieste Josh Lippi & The Overtimers

Crisis – Scoring Action by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100277
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Egmont Overture by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
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Antonio Salieri, Twenty six variations on La Folia de Spagna
London Mozart Players
Matthias Bamert, as conductor

49 thoughts on “Why was Italy so Ineffective in WWII? | Animated History

  1. Out of content • 21 years says:

    İtaly hasnt been succesful in anyway since reunification (by themselves and without changing sides) change my mind

  2. al Mamlūk says:

    Italy: "You can't defeat me"

    Greece: "No bu- actually I think I can defeat you"

  3. Basically wannabe germany

  4. KataangFan221 says:

    So… Everything.
    They did everything wrong, yes?

  5. Steven Lefevre says:

    “We donta hava tha gunsa because we are buying all of tha meatballsa!”

  6. Navendu C Manoj says:

    Armchair historian: why was Italy bad?

    Me thinking of an answer: T h e y. U s e. P i z z a. G u n

  7. Robert Haworth says:

    Almost 25 years ago, I had the chance to accompany some Italian troops drawn from all services — AF, Navy, and army, officers and NCOs — on an international mission. After spending a week with them I concluded that they were not very good soldiers, either individually or collectively, but they did know every mom-and-pop restaurant around their home base, incld. the owners, their kids, and all the waiters.

  8. Robert Haworth says:

    FUN FACT: In the massive old boardgame Campaign for North Africa, there's an optional rule that if an Italian unit can't trace a Line of Supply to an Italian supply depot, the Mediterranean coast, or to one of the few inland water sources in the region, their morale goes down by 1 b/c they are presumed to be living on iron rations (packaged food) rather than being able to boil pasta fresh every day, as was the troops' habit and expectation.

  9. Shawn Harris says:

    Wow that's really sad After gasing, bombing and having superior arms and even tanks! The Ethiopians still inflicted so much damage on Italian forces.

  10. Shawn Harris says:

    I like how Italy did so bad in the war that years later a game based on WW2 would come out called HOI4 and Spain would have more decisions than Italy even though Spain wasn't even in the war.

  11. Lamb Sows says:

    The Greaco Italian War should speak for itself.

  12. SpedHornet says:

    Man if Hitler would have helped supply and train the Italians things would have been pretty different. You would think Hitler could have thrown some Mg 42s the Duces way.

  13. Why was Italy so useless
    Me: so we’re really forgetting about Austria Hungary

  14. Cyril Jasper Tolentino says:

    Hey Adolf, Mussolini piss his pants again!!

  15. Their tanks had 1 forward gear and 4 reverse gears

  16. crazedvole says:

    Come for the history, stay for the cool song at the end. 🙂

  17. Jony BOss says:

    Its not that italy's bad ethiopia is great

  18. So, a wannabe Caesar, without the tactical prowess of Caesar

  19. Arthur Vargas says:

    All Italy should of done is go back to mass production of white flags.

  20. Benito Mussolini says:

    I can say that my game was hacked

  21. The Canadian From The USSR says:

    3:25 yo is this a motherfucking HOI4 reference???

  22. Cotopaxi5900 says:

    Simple, Italy was por. We spent a lot for Etiopia war and Spanish war, and so we didn' t have money for a modern army. The italian infantry moved by foot, as fast as roman army. And it was too slow in 1940

  23. Ani Gamings says:

    1. Their economy was useless and was based on Agricultural society
    2. The country was really hit by the Great Depression during 1930s and started fighting without even recovering from the crisis
    3. They chose light infantry tank which was not even match to the British due to the lack of industry and production
    4. They were still using old airplane which was used by Italy during World War 1

  24. Starguy 1o1 says:

    Germany:my friendship has ended with Italy, Japan is now my only friend

  25. Waffleduck says:

    Somebody plays HOI4.

  26. SparkBerry says:

    Poor quality equipment? Not much has changed in that case

  27. why don' t you tell us something about.." why the British Army was so ridicolous at the beginning of the IIWW in Africa?" with arrogance among the officers, still trained as officers in the 1800 colonialist style…will be interesting. or speak about the arrogance of montgomery that won only because the logistic and huge number of US supply….means he wasnt a strategos..that was only a german business….

  28. Up until now italy is a second rate european country 😀

  29. Italy is bitch , sucks everybody

  30. vassallo di kirby gigante con i piedi says:

    Metti i sottotitoli in italiano.

  31. Dorian Canarelli says:

    What a load of bollocks,of course italy did suffer from bad leadership & economy problem but the rest is completely irrelevant, Italy did have some good weaponry like the Beretta M38A ( also know as the best smg of ww2 & more than 15,000 were produced ) and the Carcano was a fine rifle (the only true draw-back was the ammunition 6mm catdrige).On top of that there are also plenty of victorious acts that should not be underlook,here some,sept 1941: 63rd camicie-nere legion managed to repelled 3 soviet assaults & captured 646 soviets including their weapons,June 1944: a group of airbornes from the "Nembo" bnt manged to stop a sherman column with panzerfausts & bravery,december 1944 : the M Bnt "IX Settembre" managed to fend off repeated soviet assaults on the Aneburg & Masurian area.It's only a couple exemples of the acts of bravery from the italian from 1941 till 1945.

  32. Gabriel Diez says:

    Invade Greece now

  33. अर्जुन् says:

    mama miaa tutti fruttiiii

  34. अर्जुन् says:


  35. अर्जुन् says:


  36. अर्जुन् says:


  37. अर्जुन् says:

    spaghetti meatballs

  38. अर्जुन् says:


  39. अर्जुन् says:

    Italians not soldiers but busy trying to date your girlfriend/wife when you visit their country. Italy big suckk…so bad war

  40. Charles Miller says:

    My grandfather died in a German POW camp. Fell off of his guard tower.

  41. Imagine if Italy joined the Allies instead. The Axis would've been unstoppable…

  42. Jakor Killudge says:

    gotta love those hoi4 references. 3:30

  43. Pierre volcan says:

    The theory that Italy had a real army made me laugh so hard

  44. Navendu C Manoj says:

    I swear everyone must have been laughing so hard cuz they weren’t watching the video. They were on reddit seeing the memes of Italian failure

  45. J. Burton-Taube says:

    Shirer was correct. The rank and file Italian soldier fought very hard when they were defending Italy's home front but they were much less determined in intrusive campaigns on foreign soil. In other words they were all in to defend Italy but weren't on board for Mussolini's fascist world view.

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