White Feather – The Most Hardcore American Sniper

The weather was humid and extremely hot, and sniper Carlos Hathcock and his spotter, John Roland Burke, were tired from running around the Vietnamese jungle looking for their next prey. Still, Hathcock remained unfaced.

Peering through his binoculars, the experienced gunman quietly inspected his target, a feared countersniper known as the Cobra that had become his nemesis while fighting against the North Vietnamese.

But Hathcock was confident that Cobra was no better than him. After all, the brave soldier had a 30,000-dollar bounty on his head, the highest ever for an American sniper in Vietnam.

After failing the first attempt, Cobra and Hathcock ran deep into the jungle in a cat-and-mouse game until the two men were within sight of each other.

They then aimed their rifles at each other, and what happened next only cemented the so-called White Feather sniper as a Marine Corps legend…

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