Whats Next in EQ Next & Landmark + Class & Combat Footage!

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One of the most well attended keynotes of SOE Live, EverQuest Next did not disappoint. Updates include:

DEVELOPMENT UPDATE: SOE showcased how Landmark and the community are fueling the development of EverQuest Next by providing

feedback to the tools (building, AI, etc.), building environments and more.

NEW PLAYER RACE: Dark Elf (Teir’Dal) joins human and Kerran as three (of many) player races in-game.

FIRST THREE CLASSES REVEALED: Cleric, Elementalist and Tempest

UPDATE ON COMBAT: SOE provided a new glimpse of combat, showing off the power of Cleric, Elementalist and Tempest classes in

combat paired with the destructibility of the environment.

You can watch the EQN keynote here: http://youtu.be/MU6LzCBPlCU


Having tested the building tools, SOE is adding an entirely new element to Landmark: death. On August 27th, Landmark will no

longer be a safe building world:

PvP COMBAT: introducing death, weapons, armor, players can now battle each other in Landmark (if they choose). Adding a new

element for claim development in Landmark, SOE released the first game master items (game rule objects) to create unique PvP

combat maps (deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture and hold, etc).

LANDMINES: the first set of hazardous objects added to Landmark, players can also booby trap their PvP claims.

INTERACTIVE OBJECTS: players can now build moving worlds using teleporters, flingers, moving platforms and more.

MONSTERS: explorers will need to watch their steps, as monsters will be added to Landmark in September.

NEXT UP: upcoming features to Landmark include AI Editing System (later this year) and more Game Mastering Skills.

For more information, you can watch the Landmark keynote here: http://youtu.be/WFKPLbSujb8

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31 thoughts on “Whats Next in EQ Next & Landmark + Class & Combat Footage!

  1. BillyBowlster says:

    David georgeson is gone from the company now, EQ next is going fail so hard under smedley.

  2. Dimitrije Markovic says:

    Copy of FreeRealms please stop guys…

  3. aykut sirma says:

    I will re-order this game again, it started to be nice unlike the first alpha times^^

  4. Combat looks floaty.

  5. 12:24 classic warrior vs paladin pvp the warrior they both attack each other then the warrior is doing more dmg then the paladin heal then the warrior is like fck this shit this is pointless i'm out bro….lol

  6. Corey Stevenson says:

    awesome game im gonna go download it

  7. Fistribution says:

    its just guild wars 3 dynamic flop edition, please prove me wrong soe

  8. Sam lewis says:

    this looks like the fable game we never got but always wanted interms of graphics

  9. madcat768 says:

    The game does not make sense. You have amazingly detailed buildings and interiors. Amazing landscapes. And then the combat throws all sense of practicality out the window, walks down the stairs beats the shit out of it and pushes it into an on coming bus. The combat looks like TF2 except with more effects. I like TF2 but it belongs with slanted school houses and birthday hats. Here you have castles which look like they should be seiged with battering rams while being poured on by oil. A little less fast paced and more realistic combat seem to make the most sense in this world. What is shown here looks like "Arena" based combat. I don't know but if they plan to have larger scale conflicts good luck with any kind of order. Applied to a larger scale you would probably just see 100 people running around in circles trying to hit something. Unless there was like a bridge or something in the way. No archer volleys, no coordinated attacks, not much room for strategy. They should slow everyone down, lessen the special effects and make it more realistic. Giving it time for the environment to matter and not just become a pretty backdrop. Thought this game might have been good. Oh well looks like they are aiming in favor of jumping over buildings and low flying space ships. Whats the point of having stupid walls.    

  10. Chris Duval says:

    The jumping in pvp looks very bad, it looks like they are fighting on the moon with no gravity. Looks bad…

  11. vernon col says:

    wow.. i need some head

  12. Persephone Main says:

    can you get skills from 2 or 3 classes apart from your own like a warrior with a few mage skills?

  13. FoolsGold 47.01011 says:

    when we can play it?

  14. I don't know much about PC's, but what specs should be enough to run EQ Next? What are some good PC's that are not too expensive, but still really good? Maybe I could build my own but I don't know much about the parts or how much they cost. I have a budget of about $700.

  15. James Blond is so Blond !

  16. uHasioorr says:

    So this will be a little more like a project spark?

  17. Eric Rappa says:

    The energy and excitement these guys show when they talk about Landmark is a huge reason the game is a lot of fun.

  18. So, tab target combat or action based combat?

  19. seeing how excited dave got you really know hes doing what he loves in life.

  20. EndOfAllHope says:

    prepare your wallets gentleman… we're gonna need new PCs for EQ Next

  21. is he sat on a bike?

  22. KingDarkskin says:

    "It's funny watching how many ways people can die" – Dave georgeson

  23. mazaisvilijs says:

    haha those devs look so oldschool like they came out of 90s movies.

  24. EQN sounds good. I am hoping it's going to be that good.

  25. Alexandre Tanguay says:

    I did not very like Landmark :/ I'm waiting for EQN tho. I want a real MMORPG, not a Minecraft 2.0

  26. so landmark is minecraft on crack?

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