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13 thoughts on “Wehrmacht IN COMBAT – RARE WW2 FOOTAGE

  1. PowerHouse says:

    What song was originally on here

  2. Frozen North says:

    Rare because germans mostly murdered children, women and prisoners.

  3. Wyatt Shelley says:

    Why did you take out the music.

  4. Antun Nikolić says:

    Damn I know music was awesome!!!!

  5. Karl-Heinz Schlünz says:

    in my country (germany) is no music to this video available. 😀

  6. DMC12Gauge says:

    Youtube disabled all the audio on this video. Anyone know why?

  7. Very interesting document…….color changes everything…

  8. Otto Carius at the end! "Tigers in the mud" written by him, good read.

  9. Mk- Master says:

    Damn, my respect to these man. Very sad video, but it just shows how there's always been war, and suffer in the human existence

  10. The Spoolie Bois says:

    Yet another great video. It really shows that no matter what a soldier is fighting for he is still human.

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