Was a US Soldier Secretly Left Behind After the Vietnam War?

A secret message carved into the jungle… Was it a lost signal from a US soldier left behind after the Vietnam War?
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In January 1988, CIA satellites captured imagery of bizarre man-made symbols carved into the earth in Laos. In Xam Neua, a northeastern town near the border with Vietnam that literally translates to “northern swamp,” the large letters “USA” were visibly hacked into a rice paddy, along with a nearby letter K made out of piles of rice stalks. The letter K was a known distress signal among U.S. pilots during the Vietnam War, an intriguing suggestion that this was the work of an American still surviving behind enemy lines long after the Vietnam War had ended. The presence of these symbols raised an interesting and difficult question for the U.S. government: was there proof that American soldiers were still being held as prisoners in Laos, and if so, how could they possibly go about getting them out?

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