Warpath – Server 8 – Close Quarter Combat – Tips!!

Game Footage of Server 8 Base to Base action!!

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28 thoughts on “Warpath – Server 8 – Close Quarter Combat – Tips!!

  1. Møst Wanted says:

    Im proud to be part of SVD

  2. XWolfixE3 says:

    How is he commander lvl 32 bruh 😶

  3. Khing Bassey says:

    Really cool. Learnt something new.

  4. Ruby donators … nothing worthy in this

  5. Taliaferro B Condelee says:


  6. Question how do you swap targets when your base is atacked without your troops leaving the base? Cos i went in with SH he staryed shooting it and when my arty came he just staryed to atack it i tryed to do that from my base but always my troops where leaving base to do so

  7. BOTHER HOOD says:

    I wish you had record catalyst being swarmed by 3 alliance. In server 7.

  8. Donald Mahan says:

    Haha! I was at work pulling a 16 hour shift and asked my wife to control my account and help our allies in Boston 🙃…she's only been playing a couple weeks and has never been on my account before and didn't understand the mechanics of attacking with my SH first. She clicked auto attack…Had I been available, it would have had a different outcome. – WarDancer, WTHL, Server 8.

  9. Tryger Squad says:

    Haha thats my server, im from R~E

  10. Configuration medium tank, tank hunter, 2nd tank hunter, artillery and 2nd artillery. Would work at high level ex all units 120 level.

  11. Denny Heksa says:

    Qui : 10M , Ruby 15M

  12. wow s8 has some strong players

  13. Lawrence Scible says:

    I was there also. Great game guy's.

  14. Ernie Larkin says:

    I can give some context of the entire Boston affair. I am one of the only English speakers in the t155, 56,57and now t158 group of clans.
    It would appear that the Ban group brought us to Boston to kick Sim out of the city. We had a spy in sim and once we built a command center in Boston it was pretty much a slaughter. Part of the deal seemed to be that we had a presence in Boston for our mid level wing, T156.
    So yesterday afternoon (american time) we saw the situation developing. When it bled over into T156 Territory, many of us in T155 rolled into 156, jumped to Boston and brought some reality to the city.
    We had 50 more guys on deck waiting to jump into Boston. That is just the Turkish clans, I can't speak for how many of the russian clans were ready to jump in with us. I was to busy smacking tanks around with an OP Achilles.
    Hell of a battle guys. When un7 started in on us I got nervous. Then we couldn't pull some of our guys back.

  15. Khoa Dang says:

    Welcome to s8 and i am in ruby

  16. Kong Zhi Wei says:

    hahaha Well, I was at Server 8 Las Vegas now. but day change to another alliances hahahaha
    RUBY is our fam

  17. В гостях у Сани says:

    Перевод на русский можно как-то получить?

  18. Ionut Hojbota says:

    QUITRUMA is from BAN

  19. Hahaha I was there fighting, Boston.

  20. Damus Hobbs says:

    Server 8 woop woop

  21. music lover 8906 says:

    Hey bro its me again how are ya doin i hope you're day was good right now its pretty much my bed time but imma see this still becoming a must watch

  22. Coolangot says:

    Bro triple, can u tell what disadvantage u get if ur city burns to ash? Coz i dont see any resources being plundered when it happens

  23. Candra Jayadi says:

    It's base to base combat. B2B

  24. Julien Cheung says:

    First come first serve

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