Warpath Across the Pacific – B-25 Combat Footage – 1943

This Film was produced in 1943 by the U.S. War Department & U.S. Army Air Force. Formally titled “Medium Bombardment and Attack Aviation” it is a compilation, principally, of B-25 operations in the southern Pacific theater. I’ve trimmed the film down to remove the operations and maintenance footage and left the combat footage. This shortened the film from move than 17 minutes to less than 11. The quality is not the best, but its shot on 8mm and 16mm cameras by combat photographers.

10 thoughts on “Warpath Across the Pacific – B-25 Combat Footage – 1943

  1. Tom Cooper says:

    The stuff these guys witnessed. WOW! Beautiful Pacific islands, sunsets, brutal war all mixed together. Salute these heroes!

  2. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍

  3. Very nice done. Seeing this gave me more insight on how my grandfather squadron the Dutch NEI 18 th squadron B-25( had dutch/ Indonesian with some Australian crew) did their attacks on shipping airfields in the same area ( East Timor , surrounding islands )

  4. zerstorer335 says:

    I just can't help but think of how many people would be having heart attacks if aircrews tried to modify their aircraft in the field, these days. (It's probably a lot harder to do, anyway, with aircraft manufactured to particular tolerances and weapons being more complex than machine guns you can just bolt onto the side or put into the nose where a person used to be.)

  5. Flak Jack Ed says:

    There is an outstanding book that is a meticulously researched and a definitive account of the “Air Apaches”, the 345th Bomb Group comprising of the 498th, (Falcons) 499th, (Bats Outta Hell) 500th (Rough Raiders) and the 501st (Black Panthers) Bomb Squadrons of B-25s in action. This book is entitled, “Warpath Across The Pacific,” now in its 5th edition by Lawrence J. Hickey. This book is still available on Amazon.com. 🇺🇸👍👏

  6. Alex Williamson says:

    It must’ve been incredibly difficult to actually hit a ship with a bomb, these were the days before laser guidance, brave crews all of them…and balls as big as the bombs they dropped!&

  7. Tom Hawkins says:

    The tactical campaign against the Japanese in the south/southwest Pacific was brutally effective, in part because Generals Kenny and Whitehead truly understood their purpose, their men and their machines. Anything militarily useful to the Japanese in the zone of occupation was a target, from a sugar mill a pickup truck. No "limited" war, just destruction and death, and ultimately victory. Tragic, bloody, wasteful, inevitable misery. Real men in a no B.S. life and death struggle against a declared and merciless enemy. The B-25, the A-10 of it's day.

  8. Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle says:

    Could you post the maintenance clips? I would like to see that.

  9. DrTeknical says:

    My father was a pilot with the 500th Sq of the 345th BG of 5th AAF. I would very much like for you to publish the original footage intact, as I've never seen this film before. There also appears to be some change to the aspect ratio of the film. This was all shot in 4:3, and should be shown that way! Please post the full-length original version soon! There are many of us who are sons and daughters of these pilots, crew-members, and ground-crews who would very much love to see footage of our Dads' aircraft in action. It always gives me a real thrill to see a B-25 with a white band around the fuselage behind the wings; indicating a 500th squadron 345th Bomb Group aircraft! My Dad arrived in theater in February of 1944, so he isn't in any of this footage, but it is still very thrilling to see it! Thank You!

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