War Footage – The Battle In Afghanistan

A video consisting of clips from British and American forces mainly in afghanistan but also in iran and iraq,

22 thoughts on “War Footage – The Battle In Afghanistan

  1. SkulledMonte84 says:

    Did anyone notice at 3 ;18 that guy behide that cannon going therw a fit lol

  2. SkulledMonte84 says:

    holeyshit i forgot about this song

  3. Thiscrapsannoying says:

    @rharris401 The Cranberries are one of my fav bands.. Good choice! *thumbs up*

  4. sadig sadigov says:

    war in afganistan never finish his islamic fanatics you nouw

  5. vic beard says:

    the fire is giving a middle finger.. priceless

  6. @rharris401

    There were also active there, including Legionnaire guy's from the 2REP and 2Rei and some guy from the 2Rec, they were flush with the U.S. began

  7. XxpauldadudexX says:

    I thought she was saying TOMMY…what Brit soldiers are called…man fukin awesome song and vid

  8. KaUAiaNgRoWN89 says:

    nice vid, go troops!!!!!!

  9. mike doyon says:

    @lithium2370 soo wait a minute, your saying that the sameee time spand from iraq and chicago, chicago has had more deaths?

  10. mikeyab88 says:

    Great vid. I've been wondering about our war in Afghanistan since those huge mineral deposits were discovered there last week. Makes me nervous- gives us a big financial reason to fight for domination of that territory.

  11. Thorhamer007 says:

    great song war sucks its for money and kills pepole and nothing gets resolved but pepole feel the pain for decads.

  12. @marcusos1111 yea more people died from murders in chicago then american soldiers in iraq throughout the iraq war same time spand, they r talking about bringing the national guard to patrol our streets

  13. this song is so f'en annoying

  14. miguel ortega says:

    themselves, its a country,
    the have stores and black markets

  15. LoL They dont care. Tell me what is Afghanistan's primary source of income? Poppyfields which are used to produced heroine. They wont destroy the fields for that very reason. Plus they'd indirectly be in control of the fields. And if you ask why? Money.

  16. Funny aint it how the roles get reversed? First America undermines the soviet invasion of afghanistan by supplying the freedom fighters with foreign purchased russian weaponary. Now we're tasting our own medicine. It doesnt help either when our soldiers are not allowed to shoot to kill an enemy if they chuck their weapon to the ground and those that are taken in only get released. This war was designed to last.

  17. scott burns says:

    What I don't get is who is supplying these terrorist with weapons? They sure seem to have alot of weapons.

  18. alexiknice says:

    first music what is it ;-o?

  19. Mark Oakley says:

    I disagree that all conflict originates due to the Palestinian/Israel issue. Many others have originated in many other different ways. I agree there needs to be a fair settlement though. I think Israel's movement into Arab settled areas by building apartments is a bad idea.

    Also, Arabian countries are too factionalized to consider consolidation. They will never be one nation. Heck….nations are fractionalized enough as it is…you could not put them together.

  20. Mark Oakley says:

    They don't support the economy by funding it. Israel does business with Western businesses which is how their economy has become so strong. Notice, in the middle east…those companies that due business with the West are much stronger. Militarily, we have sold them limited weapons only. They manufacture a huge portion of their own arsenal.

    Without the US, Israel would still have the EU, Austrailia, NZ, Russia, China, etc to help support their economy through commerce.

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