War Footage Breakdown | Former Green Beret Sean "Buck" Rogers

War Footage Breakdown | Former Green Beret Sean “Buck” Rogers

What’s up guys in this video I give a quick rundown of a TIC or Troops In Contact during my last deployment. We were pushing to our objective when we started taking contact left. The heavy guns started to engage the enemy location. I arrived at the location to utilize my 320 grenade launcher in order to stop the enemy fighter. We later found out that the rounds were not being shot at us but our teammates in a different location. One round nearly striking my teammate in the face.

Hopefully, these videos show that war is ugly and unpredictable. Bad things happen and soldiers live with those things every day. PTSD haunts us all in different ways. I was once told you do not get PTSD from killing the enemy but from losing your friends. He then said to always be the smallest target. Stay strong, know why you are joining this fight and the reality of it all.

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