Vittorio Veneto – FULL Secondary Buid TEST – WIP || World of Warships

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20 thoughts on “Vittorio Veneto – FULL Secondary Buid TEST – WIP || World of Warships

  1. Leader Supreme says:

    Italian BB are the best

  2. Game Replays says:

    man the accuracy of secondary is crap

  3. Rudolf Polák says:

    Uselles secondaries here. It shoots but it has worst penetration then german.

  4. trololoev says:

    i already try this secondaries on Venezia, they has no accuracy and no pen, i recommend take skills on high accuracy for main gun.

  5. Black Templar says:

    were is the build?

  6. GG WG, they forgot to also equip her with torpedoes and hydro to compliment that smoke…

  7. so its like Germans now?suffer from sigma and use secondary's with a world of dead eye?

  8. Daniel Delgado says:

    OH GOD! what a LAME full secondary build performance, ONLY 159 HITS and 2 FIRES from pretty much 8 FULL MINUTES of continuous secondary guns operation (from min 4 to min 12), pathetic and sad at best, not impressed by AP and SAP so far, they really need to bring back some of the improved secondary dispersion from the initial testing, otherwise this ships will struggle horrendously at close range, cause even the main guns dispersion at close range its total garbage…SAD

  9. TheGrantourismo says:

    Is it really so bad?

  10. MeG_a_ReX on Blitz says:

    The secondary firing is very satisfying but they miss mostly and oh the sigma! Horrendous.

  11. Jack JUMKA says:

    A massa or Odin in this gameplay would have got double the dmg…very underwhelming main guns and secondaries

  12. bad sigma is the worst thing u can imagine in wows, i dont see any positive things in this line to counterbalance that..

  13. gothicalpha says:

    The despersion of the main guns would make me uninstall in rage

  14. пламен а says:

    5min,7k dm,top bot

  15. VraelFreorhe says:

    It is sad to watch so few secondary hits

  16. Riccardo Pace says:

    how you can turn the secondary turret on the ship?

  17. Riccardo Locatelli says:

    gun with not the best reload and with not the best accuracy, cool thought to go with the second build but i think she isn't wort it, yes fast reload on the secondary but 0 accurarcy, in final: "meh…"
    Could be better in both ways: slight better accuracy with the same reload, or same accuracy with a lower reload. i hope they add some tuning and do not push people in dead eye skill.

  18. A Léonard says:

    AP is not great : 159 hit out of 1143 drawn . And it needs push that is dangerous now when every one plays camping

  19. Mark Gessna says:

    Noch schlechter als die Deutschen BB‘s. Der Sigma braucht schon irgendwie nen Buff. Die Treffergenauigkeit war teilweise schon lächerlich!Momentan völligst uninteressant für mich🙈

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