Vietnam was BADASS (Vietnam war compilation, clips, music)

Vietnam extremely graphic combat footage montage. This is a compilation of clips and footage from the Vietnam War with a compilation of music from Vietnam including “Paranoid” “Fortunate Son” “Buffalo Springfield” and “CCR”. I do not own any of this footage or music. Vietnam war memes are included. Viewer discretion is advised. graphic Vietnam war footage. Black Ops, Vietnam War and Cold War. Vietnam badass. military industrial complex

44 thoughts on “Vietnam was BADASS (Vietnam war compilation, clips, music)

  1. Crippling Depression says:

    IF YOU ARE OVER THE AGE OF 30, please click off of this video. Boomers are not the intended audience of this humor and they keep leaving me death threats lmao

    This video is a satirical look at the way the war has been portrayed through popular media, with an emphasis on the issues of dehumanization and the military industrial complex. Very little of this video should be taken at face value.

  2. Eric Perry says:

    Dude delete this. And yourself. Thnx.

  3. Triple diple says:

    America is noob not won a vietnam war…lol america want to control the world hahaha


    You aré a fucking pise of shit


    You aré a fucking piss of shit

  6. Jacob Blanchard says:

    This was great, very good comedy. I was cracking up

  7. You worthless piece of trash! You have no idea! Why don’t you go sign up and serve a couple of tours in Afghanistan! You won’t because you are a F’ing coward!

  8. Kevin DeChamp says:

    Lmao at the K/D ratio and killstreaks, but something is off, the other teams K/D is garbage, your 58k death to their 1.5m 😂😂

  9. Samuel Alexander says:

    I be having fun

  10. Yashodev Vyas says:

    What this fuck is this

  11. Ken Tshizubu says:

    Rice farmers wow

  12. Gary Lyons says:

    Corporate war Texaco Exxon sun truth is hard to believe…..

  13. randy bobandy says:

    my grandpa has very bad ptsd from this

  14. Badass? It was the most stupid Idiot war ever! Senseless thousands of dead for nothing but lost the war. Forced young US Cotizen for fights and blacks forced to be Gunfood for vietcongs. It wasn't that funny…..people burned to dead by alive and friendly fire was every day biggest problem, means US soldiers burned with fire too. Like all the after WWII wars for the democracy and freedom/(Imperialism)of the USA, this war was sucked and fucked up

  15. владимир ульянов ленин says:

    Im indonesia but I don't like america because he invades vietnam

  16. OMGitsAzreal says:

    It was also badass stepping on a booby trap

  17. Bigman Playz says:

    My second cousin got shot in the head now he is paralyzed in his left side of his body’s and now does not have a filter so he says whatever and lost half his friends to a spike swing trap so said and I quote “the smell of napalm was nice but was no fun” but nice video 👍

  18. Angel Rodriguez says:

    Every soldier that killed a incident woman or child or baby they fucking deserve to die and go to hell

  19. Angel Rodriguez says:

    This channel is so retarded and fucked up

  20. Angel Rodriguez says:

    why is the united stated so dumb they started the war and they lost

  21. Local Shopkeeper says:

    I know this ain’t serious, but I’d love to see this kid in a Warzone n see if he’s still cracking jokes

  22. Do you know what is was actually like there no you don’t so shut the hell up

  23. “You missed the joke” comments are pretty dumb.

  24. Jimmy Ray says:

    u got the wrong idea.

  25. A ChildofGod says:

    Fun for the whole family?? are you f'n insane? Wow, the ignorance of this video is startling…


    Grandpa would disagree "Charlie is in the trees"

  27. Stephen McGraw says:

    wish you`d meet my father with this crap…………please……….

  28. Jacob Swinehart says:

    That is not a bunch of guys having fun that is a bunch of guys that are fighting to protect our country

  29. SkeletorRises says:

    shit was badass af

  30. Psychological Warfare says:

    Otherwise the americans always say they are the civilized and best army and in the viedeos they celebrate that they are not 😂

  31. Crippling Depression says:

    I just dropped the sequel to this, which is the plans for a Gen Z re-invasion. Check out my most recent 👀. It’s just as cringey as this but with better audio 😩

  32. Edward Blake says:

    This is hilarious

  33. Del Boca Vista says:

    Really cringey

  34. Awawawa CM says:

    So regarding that 58k vs 1.5 mil figure when the video starts getting sincere toward the end:

    1.5 mil is the high count of all pro-North belligerents killed or wounded in battle.

    58k marks the number of American fatalities.

    However the VC, knowing their weapons arsenal was no match for their US counterparts, relied heavily on strategic traps which could seriously injure and slow down a unit but had comparatively low lethality. America sustained 3 times as many Wounded In Action casualties as they had in World War 2, and bear in mind they were performing better than other pro-South belligerents like the South Vietnamese Army and South Koreans.

    So Americans did have a high kill ratio vs enemy combatants but that figure is misleading when trying to explain North Vietnamese victory. The relevant data:

    North belligerents killed or wounded: 1.5 mil (high estimate)

    South belligerents killed or wounded: 1.6 mil (low estimate)

    These figures refer to each side’s military campaigns and ignores civilian deaths other than deaths of ambiguously-aligned locals which were posthumously recorded as Viet Cong, and which we are assuming for argument’s sake were recorded correctly.

    Add to these numbers the fact Ho Chi Minh’s government had more support on both sides of the country, and it becomes clear the Vietnam War really was a failing war of attrition. The media sometimes presents this loss with the implied framing that Americans should have won but just didn’t want it bad enough. In reality the government and various war profiteers not only launched an unjustified campaign under false pretenses but continued throwing American lives at the problem for years after the futility of the conflict had already been recognized.

  35. Awawawa CM says:

    The perfect Vietnam video

  36. ancheint warior says:


  37. Aiden Fontenot says:

    No no you would definitely not want to go to Vietnam

  38. Judge Preston says:

    This video is a testament to the fact the Vietnam war is the most romanticised war in human history.

  39. YungsavageKD says:

    Lol my grandpa threw his uniform and ribbons away the moment he got back to the U.S

  40. Fanaticalplel says:

    What’s that song after the Wall Street scene

  41. Vietnam was definitely the mens club other than the men of WW2. I don't give a flying fuck what anyone says about the war I have nothing but the highest respect for these men. And you can knock out country as much as you want but the men who were sent there did what they could to survive. And remember inside every Vietcong is an American trying to get out. R.I.P. To all of the brave men who stomped through the jungles. 🎇🇺🇸 AMERICA 🇺🇸🎇

  42. I subscribed because my frickin OCD told me to get this channel at exactly 600 subs

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