Vietnam War Veteran Footage (Colurized) | RNN (CAMP FOOTAGE LOST READ DESC)

A Vietnam War Veteran Named Sam Was A Corporal And the Captain Told everybody to set Up Camp In His Area..Everybody Was Talking and having breaktime and eating..While Sam was smoking..3 Hours Later.
sam heard footsteps from behind the house.
He Looked..Then He Saw Vietcong. He Yelled. “Vietcong Vietcong!”
The Vietcong got on the roof of the house and sam yelled “Vietcong On The Roof!” The Vietcong Was Compromised. No Information Found about what happened..But Sam Then The Other 3 Days he was alone..then he got ambushed..and surrendered..
(This is true above this text..its true but something happened with the recording..Sorry! But I Had Fun.)