Vietnam War (stock footage / archival footage)

President Lyndon Johnson announces that U.S. Aircraft have resumed attacks in Vietnam; planes bomb Vietnam; Carpet bombing; North Vietnam fire anti-aircraft; ground troops attack; B-52s drop hundreds of bombs; many helicopters fly and land with troops coming out and moving through jungle, come up villages with horrified peasants.

In city, victims taken away by stretcher under fire; civilians killed, little boy walks with brother across street holding up hand; U.S. Marines under fire along DMZ.

Marines pinned down in church at An Wah. Transfusion given to victim.

Color footage of American troops fight in jungle; air strikes continue. Anti-war protests with signs “Bring the GIs Home!” March on Washington. Veterans for Peace march, pro-war demonstrators confront anti-war; college students protest, protestors dragged away by police. Young men burn their draft cards in front of court house; angry, violent confrontations in streets.

GIs come home from Vietnam off planes, hug loved ones, wave from stretchers.

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