This silent, raw footage from the Vietnam War shows U.S. Army and South Vietnamese troops examining a large cache of arms captured from the Viet Cong. At :29, an African American soldier shows off an RPG round. The weapons shown at :45 include many wrapped for storage underground. At 1:12, boxes of ammunition are shown off, many of the boxes look Chinese or Soviet in origin. At 1:34 an African American soldier writes a report. At 1:50 belts of ammunition are shown along with what appear to be cooking supplies. At 2:30, an American armored personnel carrier is shown on the move. More weapons at 2:47. At 2:58 the opening of a Viet Cong tunnel is shown; another is shown at 3:12 and another at 3:24. More boxes of ammunition are visible.At 3:35, large artillery type rounds are removed from an underground cache. At 3:53, captured weapons are loaded onto a Huey helicopter. At 4:09 the helicopter takes off. At 4:19, troops including an African American soldier examine the weapons. At 4:30, large caliber weapons including .50 caliber machine guns are shown off. At 5:40 RPG type cannons. At 5:55 what might be det cord is visible. At 6:40 a Chinook comes in for a landing. Troops pose with enemy flags at 7:46, including a Communist flag at 8:01. At 8:10, South Vietnamese journalists film the cache.

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  1. Ivan Dmitriev says:

    The most pointless war, where it actually was American imperialism vs the Vietnamese people, and then , a couple of years later Chinese imperialism vs the Vietnamese people.

    Sad and absolutely pointless loss of life on the US side, and even worse suffering on the Vietnamese side, nevermind the thousands of Chinese Vietnamese who had to flee, because being "a middleman minority" they already had a very tenuous grasp on the situation in the French Indochina times either being coopted into colonial administration, or just being plain greedy and listening into the dark angels of their nature, while the Chinese attack on Vietnam made them a prime target for singling out and improvised Vietnamese "justice seeking" lynch mobs.

    It's almost as if people who lead huge countries like China, US, Russia, (Indonesia, India, The British Empire, you can continue the list) don't actually care about the well-being of their citizen or indeed – of anyone having their country's citizenship and passport … almost …

    At least the Soviet military advisors (like the late friend of my late father), besides the sense of self-satisfaction of having been right all along (mind you – to no credit of their own, just because of historical circumstances ) got Japanese jeans and Japanese HiFi and electronics out of that war. What did you get, American people?

  2. Christopher Conard says:

    Seen, but not heard, some Bubba "I wonder if I could drop a couple of those in my backpack and ship them home without being noticed?"

  3. Truth_hurts says:

    Why does the description repeatedly state ‘African American’? Perhaps they think some viewers are colour-blind, unaware people with the condition can distinguish between skin colour perfectly fine lol

  4. Heedful Newt says:

    Flashbacks here they come 🤯

  5. Victor Warmflash says:

    @PeriscopeFilm, did you retouch this or improve the transfer? If not, this film has held up very well over the years.

  6. bionicsjw says:

    I love these 8mm films. I've watched my Father-In-Law's 8mm films from his career as an Army Helicopter Pilot. Starting with Vietnam and the Americal Division through Ft. Greeley, AK to Korea where he flew in support of "Operation Paul Bunyan" and finishing at Ft. Bliss, TX

  7. How many lives ruined, families torn apart, people crippled, land destroyed for generations and all for what…

  8. :44, whole bunch of venerable Mosin surplus, as if shot from Classic Firearms' depot.

  9. But those farmers still kicked America's ass out of their country

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