vietnam war music video we were soldiers

blackadder73 this is my new channel all to do with the Vietnam war
this song is by creed our time to honour is due platoon nam Vietnam nineteen usa us Vietnam nz Aussie 19 music video troops nam gunships platoon with real live footage of the Vietnam war music video we were soldiers heroes Vietnam war music video
first cavalry division air mobile helicopter gunships Vietnam nam original footage of the first cavalry division air mobile bell UH-1H Iroquois The Animals song
helicopter the nam call of duty tour of duty war vietnam war music video one warrior
TO ALL THE VIETNAM VETS war Vietnam war music video TO ALL THE VIETNAM VETS WELCOME HOME Vietnam war music video war warrior Vietnam war song original footage soundtrack from Vietnam war footage with air force army ground troops music video no one youtube warrior fight this is not a game going in hot with you war trailer battlefield Vietnam great good song the u.s. war heroes soldiers 1962 – 1972 love this song music video war footage battle field the american war served in nam north and south Vietnam pop Vietnam long time ago battlefield Vietnam war music video call of duty tour of duty

40 thoughts on “vietnam war music video we were soldiers

  1. suiterd62 says:

    On patrol, standing lines or on an operation, round in the chamber, right trigger finger on the trigger and left thumb on the selector – unless we were on point or tail end Charlie. We did not make war on civilians. We made war on communists. DRS / RVN Vet.

  2. Felix Madison says:

    We got shit and spit on when we came home, and now President Trump is
    shitting on us again, and on fellow Vietnam Vet, the late John McCain.

  3. Hiền Nông says:

    ko dang mat anh hung

  4. Felix Madison says:

    One of the best 'Vietnam Songs' was by Kenny Rogers, called: "Ruby,
    Don't Take Your Love to Town". It was released in January of 1969, 5
    months before I was sent over. A song that hit home for many of the
    young soldiers who came home disabled, with a young wife or girlfriend
    waiting for them.

  5. George Black says:

    God bless those who protect us and fight for us 🙂

  6. Cil Dagout says:

    I am not Jesus but our life just like Jesus

  7. Cil Dagout says:

    Your God mom KPO Maryclare Dagout. The best lady on earth.. why you must no revenge for mom Mary Claire

  8. Cil Dagout says:

    I just love my mom.. my ancestors… No way I must protect who killed my mom. Such a stupid things if you don't help me or I don't revenge..for my love mom. Your God Mom.

  9. Cil Dagout says:

    I don't care if you destroy

  10. Cil Dagout says:

    Never walk military.. use airplanes to destroy

  11. Cil Dagout says:

    Use missile to destroy

  12. Cil Dagout says:

    I am your king, why you don't fuck to listen?

  13. Tram Nguyen says:

    Grateful , American SOLDIERS !

  14. Soufiene Tchantchane says:

    War music !!! Crazy people !!! Business with people army and Music !!! War is terrible !!!

  15. michael walter says:

    Colonel kurtz is sin jing bing apocalpse now is the whole us army looking 4 colonel kurts and his mong army. Mmmm

  16. Chan loong says:

    Times can see an country's economy, keep fighting no good at all, the size of Malaysia, Thailand, Italy, japan abt the same as vietnam yet it still an country of their culture, language and writings. Concrete buildings with economic in centre, everywhere in another country also have especially urban, sub urban and rural. Coloniser in their past had made, lost or break even in $$$ were the past but who would compensate the Vietnam war? , i predicted maybe it is break even

  17. Barbara Sakatos says:

    This is a great song. It is how I have felt for so many years of of my life. I am 66 going on 67. Great song. It makes me cry.

  18. Jason McCoy says:

    thank you for postng this

  19. Nicola Vivarelli says:

    Respect for all veterans soldiers and victims!

  20. RichARD spillman says:


  21. Rusty Bucket says:

    I wanted to be there but I was only 10 watching the news and wanting to rid the world of communism even though I didn't know what it was. I got older joined the NAVY and went out away from all that I new. Away from the world. Now I know what that meant. Coming back here from being out at sea the colors were amazing. My world changed and it brought renewed respect for them who had gone ahead of me.

  22. I'm a Viet Vet, but could someone PLEASE translate the text for me??

  23. Antony Palem says:

    Creed the one…

  24. Fernando Palem says:

    somebody can say me.the name this song and the singer ??

  25. kcunkanot says:

    I was there 4 years ago. Absolutely agree with you. Irish

  26. Hans trudi says:

    Where do you have this videos?

  27. anes krbezlija says:

    4 dislike is VC !

  28. tristan gregoriou says:

    can someone tell me the name of the song

  29. tristan gregoriou says:

    my bro was in vetnam and he sed it was HELL

  30. michael triner says:

    I fought in that war for three years, wounded twice and now have a beautiful Vietnamese wife and a son. If you really think that war was bullshit go see how well off the country is under communism and why the social elite government sends the children to colleges in America. Before you reply to anything about Vietnam get it right, study it, go there and ask the people if they are happy under communism.

  31. Emanuel Gitterle says:

    Poor vietnams 🙁

  32. Dariusz Darek says:

    You're weclom, I just said what I thought. But vietnam had a lot to do the cold war. Vietnam was just a battlefield for this war, between south and north vietnam. One was supported by USSR and the other one was supported by USA. It was a military part of a cold war, but not only.

  33. Sasuke Uchiha says:

    vietnam had nothing to do with the cold war between the US and russia and yet we were involved with the fight and so were our neighbors, cambodia and laos DO YOU PEOPE KNOW WHAT YOU DID TO US?!? WE LOST 2 MILLION CIVILLIANS AND WE DID NOTHING WRONG IN THE FIRST PLACE!! SO WHATS NEXT ?VIETNAM WAR 2?!!? thanks to you people we lost 2 milion people when we did nothing wrong. and now were one of the poorest countries in the world. we never deserved this. thank you to the people who care for us

  34. Sasuke Uchiha says:

    thank you so much for actually caring about vietnam, we all couldn't rest in peace in those days, my family is vietnamese and we couldn't ever live a happy life and your comment are more than just words to us, they actually make our lives a little happier thank you

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