Vietnam War Footage–Wish You Were Here

Footage and images from the Vietnam War, perfect for a presentation on the Vietnam War

31 thoughts on “Vietnam War Footage–Wish You Were Here

  1. keymankeys1960 says:

    Tell your uncle that the SON of a WW ll Disabled EX-POW said thank you and WELCOME HOME

  2. Jake Shitbag says:

    @xc5k89 And i have also heard that they would place a ace of spade card on a confirmed dead enemy soldier.

  3. @nite187 if only you could pick up a text book and understand its not that simple.

  4. Eric Ryan says:

    @sigloz Also a death card left on VC and NVA bodies

  5. @xc5k89 negative, they put those cards on the VC and NVA dead. It was psychological warfare, for some reason they were superstitious about finding the ace of spades on the dead.

  6. Firstname Lastname says:

    This song fits the video so well

  7. Ted Bundy says:

    @sigloz For the vietnamese the spade was a bad omen a superstition,I think it was bicycle cards?not sure heard about this and would send whole decks of aces of spades and they would leave them on the dead V.C/N.V.A to spook those who found the bodies.

  8. droid783chimera says:

    @333Chrome Yeah on January 17, 1973 the U.S, South Vietnam and North Vietnam signed a treaty called the Paris Peace Accords which was agreement to end the war and restore peace in Vietnam. The provisions called for the the US to withdraw troops from Vietnam and called a cease fire of all conflict. However during this cease fire the North built up their forces and attacked Saigon, the capital of South Vietnam in April 1975.

  9. 333Chrome says:

    @droid783chimera hi, just one question….did the US and vietn. make a real peace treaty??????

  10. Firstname Lastname says:

    This song makes me think about all of our troops that lost their lives in 'nam and those that are losing thier lives in afhgan and iraq… god bless all of our troops. Great song choice, and great video.

  11. Is this song really about war?

  12. Vietnam did not want to engage the U.S. It was the arogant/hawkish U.S. governments that chose confrontations. The U.S. broke the Geneva Agreements first by cancellation of Vietnam's general election to unify the country. North Vietnam played the same game by breaking Paris Peace Accord. It's fair enough!

  13. The Marketer says:

    The American Holocaust out of idiotic political stands. To attack, to kill, to murder millions of people that did nothing to harm no one. A nation that only want to put together their long lost culture after has been enslaved, killed, and colonized by Chinese, French for thousands of years. A country that wait so long for a savior to bring piece and freedom to their people…Instead the Imperal USA brought the last final destruction with threat to poison and killed all souls..God Possess AMerica

  14. What i like with the real american mentality, is that nothing will stop them from doing what they are about to do, even though they are criticized from several fronts.

  15. jopalo31675 says:

    @WolYou (part II) Now I wont speak of the atrocities of European expansion or those commited in the world wars. But, really, I can tell your a communist; by your defense of it in regards to comments made by fallbrookchris. Dont wish war on any body. Look I'm a fan of Austrian economics and I was going to Vienna this year. But I guess I'll go else where. No Wiener schnitzel or Apfelstrudel for me. Oh, by the way, the U.S. is Vietnams number one trading partner today. Go figure.

  16. jopalo31675 says:

    @WolYou : Hey buddy, you have alot of hate in you. The problems in Vietnam started way before America step foot their. They were a French colony first. Roosevelt actually wanted Indo-china to be a soveriegn state. But he passed and the rest is elitess politics. We connected all communist to the USSR(we didn't understand that it was a peasant revolution). But enough with our sins. What about Prussia, Austro-hungarian empire, Nazi germany. Is not European expansion to blame for WWI-WWII.

  17. Craig Brickey says:

    The guy pulling the trigger was not America!!!

  18. droid783chimera says:

    Some notes for past comments
    1) Germany is not considered the Nazi-land, they might have been the place where Nazi's came from, but many countries have a Nazi or neo-Nazi population.
    2)Reason why there are more racists in America then Germany is because America is more diverse than any other country
    3) Poor and "elite" people fought in the war
    4) We did not leave Vietnam out of the blue, we had agreed on a peace treaty. North Vietnam broke that treaty and attacked the South.

  19. it is neither genetic or religious. t is but only the elite that send good men into battle knowing they themselves will never walk the line, shoulder a weapon, watch as those around them are destroyed and live with the grief of knowing they will never be innocent once more.

    Adrian T. Fisher

  20. larry vogelesang says:

    God Bless our Military Personel. Thank you for your service…………….

    Vietnam 68-69
    Central Highlands

  21. chonkhongduocnick says:

    only video of the US Army
    you have to know that this was a war between North and Souht Vietnam!!!
    you american just helped South Vietnam and at the end you left your vietnamese friends alone with the communists!

  22. Jack Dozier says:

    0:48 damn… some soldiers was killing civilians…thats why hate when america go battle with nam

  23. M16 made USA lost the vietnam war!!
    and over confident to power!!

  24. Brian McCloskey says:

    Some people see the Ace of Spades as a good luck charm, so they carried it around with them, they wrote bible quotes on it too

  25. Juha Ritari says:

    vietnam war rules!

  26. what's the song called?

  27. CKA SKYNATYC says:

    Remembering the troops this Memorial Day,
    Paying My Respects.

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