Summary: There are only two Americans with the patrol: SFC Henry Corvera, weapons man, and M/Sgt Richard E Pegram, team sergeant. All others are Vietnamese of the first company of the Camp Plei Mrong Strike Force. There appears to be about 50 to 100 men in the action against the Vietnamese Montagnard Cong. Patrol crossing swiftly moving stream. Sgt Corvera is helped out of water. A number of men on the bank. Pan, Viets wading across the rushing water; they are helped ashore. CU, Sgt Pegram watches, grins. Viets walking in the jungle. Men placing log across narrow part of river. The current is very swift. MS, CU, Sgt Corvera watching. Soldier crossing the log on his knees. Sgt Corvera crawls across the log. He stands up and nods for the others to follow. VS, Viet crossing over the log in the swiftly running water. Sgt Pegram uses an AN/GRC 109 radio. A Viet cranks the generator. Others watch. Pegram sending by key. (soft) CU, hand tapping key. CU radio. Troops run across cornfield. Thatch hut burning. (Set afire by patrol). Other thatch huts burning. Viet patrol questions a montagnard. MCU, montagnard farmer as he is questioned. MCU, interpreter quesrions the farmer. MS, Sgt Pegram talks, waves his hand. Montagnard with basket strapped to his back walks away. MS, CU, burning hut. Viet watches. Montagnard stands glumly near smoldering hut as soldiers swarm in the bg. Strike force leaves village and continues on patrol. Arriving at another village; very neat in appearance. MS, hut entrance. An old woman and a young woman look out. An infant stands just outside the entrance. Sgt Corvera and some of the men as they prepare to spend the night in the village. They stand, walk about. VS, men start to set up their shelters. Woman stands at hut. Troops start to move out in early morning. They move single file across open field. Troops pass thru another village. Patrol crossing rice paddy. A few farmers are working.

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