Vietnam War Combat Footage | Uncommon Valor

Rare archival footage depicting the horror and carnage of the Vietnam War and the brave men who fought and died in it.

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27 thoughts on “Vietnam War Combat Footage | Uncommon Valor

  1. Mike MARTINEZ says:

    This Brings Tears to my eyes,These where kids doing the unthinkable, and to think they did not receive a homecoming for their commitment makes me sick.

  2. I never really thought about this kind of video footage actually being a video recording of people on the wrong side of these bullets & bombs being murdered right in front of your eyes. I'm pretty sure the soldiers that were doing the shooting and bombing were purposefully doing it over an area of land that was filled with other people. People have been murdering other people with hopes of gaining power and influence since the times of the Nephilim. What is it about animals & people that naturally make them need to murder in order to grow? And if they don't have to murder, they are then in direct competition with other animals, which will eventually lead to the death of the animals that didn't win said competitions. It's almost as if life was designed by the creator with a necessity to end other life ingrained into the DNA of everything purely for entertainment purposes

  3. This is a war we should have won………… When you let Politics & Corporations hold sway towards a war's endgame. It's called sustained warfare, not to win but to create only PROFIT.

    At the expense of our service members……… Not cool.

  4. joshua hymer says:

    The way these young men and boys were treated upon returning from simply doing their duty serving their nation and following orders is one of the saddest moments in our countries history. Meanwhile a racist Muslim boxer can Dodge the draft and become a national hero. It was the start of the shithole we have made out of this place.

  5. Noah Barros says:

    O Brasil tem obrigação de atacar a Venezuela e libertar aquele povo do tirano Maduro e assim se tornar a primeira potência da América do Sul

  6. This was the PBS documentary by
    Ken burns. Excellent series!

  7. A Student Pilot Life says:

    I really hope to see my grandfather in action in a video during the Vietnam war. He was a helicopter Huey pilot

  8. Craig Smith says:

    My unit was the 1st Cav Div, airmobile. The first division sent to Vietnam and the last to leave. Was shot in shoulder, had right foot snapped off when armored personnel carrier rolled over from going out of control. Driver was shot in the head. I wound up having hemisphereical portion of vertebrae from L4 to S1 removed. Spinal damage. Doing ok. Would still go into the Army if they would have me. My trigger finger still works!

  9. Avrora Avatar Albertova says:

    До и после 1983 г на руках у ополченцев Афганистана были винтовки Спрингфилд , АК 47 , ДШК 12,7 мм ! Вот и всё вооружение !!!

  10. Avrora Avatar Albertova says:

    Как знаем из истории Афганской войны 1979-1989 гг только 1983 г были переданы первые партии ПЗРК Стингер этим ополченцам со стороны руководства админ Рейгана

  11. Avrora Avatar Albertova says:

    Потери во Вьетнаме США 50 000 чел вместе взятых и это не смотря на прямые поставки вооружений и прямого участия СССР в этой войне а перпендикулярно в Афганистане потери СССР уже до 400 тыс чел и не счисленное потеря бронетехники и авиации ( это от крестьян с дубинами ) ! Пусть МО РФ и пишет у себя 15000 чел

  12. Dxzfgt Gccxjv says:

    Modern weapons can not win the rudimentary weapons of Vietnam

  13. failedmission1 says:

    I wish, Columbus had never discovered america. One nation and so many wars and crimes….

  14. aaaaaaaaaaaa808 says:

    And today so many young people embracing socialism which leads to communism? May god protect our nation.

  15. 1sunstyle says:

    I saw the gang war in Central Los Angeles. My friend got shot in the 8th grade and this kid threatened to shoot me so I dropped out of school illegally in the 9th grade. I used to lose a lot of hair and I felt nausea every day. All I have done for the past 32 years is practice martial arts. I had the honor of learning some locking techniques from a guy who was a MP in Vietnam. I can say that martial arts brought me freedom. I am the only closed door student of Ed Rajak who taught me silat and escrima. I mainly practice tai chi and bagua and 5 element fist. I am a master of Taoist sorcery! I blew glass pipes for four years and almost joined the army. I thought they would teach me the scientific glasscrafting in the army. I have been crippled for over 7 years and was brave enough to stab myself in the throat over 20 times. They took me on a helicopter to Seattle and put me in a mental prison for 1.333 years. I was locked up with some real nuts and a lot of serial killers and rapists. I met rape victims and victims of molestation. I met a lady named So who was Chinese and was in Cambodia during the holocaust. I told her I practiced tai chi and she told me the story of the holocaust. I cure old people of their senile condition and they open up and speak freely with me. Peace. Mike. Peace.

  16. Steve Walker says:

    I was in 6th grade when dad went to Viet Nam in 1968-69. We would watch the Huntley Brinkley News Hour and see the death toll keep climbing that year. Tough year. But dad made it home and lived to be 76, and the thing he talked about in his letters from Viet Nam were the pig roasts and parties, and I'm glad that's all I knew about.

  17. Bach Trieu says:

    💪💪🇻🇳The United States mainly uses heavy fire to overwhelm. If you hit an infantry, you will never win the Vietnamese army. I am Vietnamese. Do not touch me and I will not hurt you.

  18. David Mandziuk says:

    Ho Chi Minn sent many letter to Harry Truman about peace with America,….Truman never saw the letters. They were put in a file cabinet.

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